July 10 20201

Deca wakes up, missing some memory. He gets a trump call. It is Psyche, saying that the city wants her to stay and finish her trials. When she tries to leave, she gets turned around. CIS indicates this is due to an alternate version of himself. Deca asks Psyche what she has been doing, and she says she has been exploring, and that CIS offered to get her an alternate Deca, so she asked for a more adventurous one, and they did, and used it to help explore the city.

It is noted everyone has a number on their wristband or other CIS interface device.
Psyche 150, … 97 897
Tilly 27, … 12
Deca 12,
Anna 7…. 28….
Rex - null

Rex is asked if he is a device or a person. He assures CIS that he is a person. But he is not being tested because he is not family. He informs CIS that he is family, so they ask if they can scan him to verify this. He agreees, and shuts down. They wheel him on a cart to elsewhere.

Tilly has some kind of brain overload. Anna tries to trump her to Destiny, but somehow it doesnt work.

Apparently the test involves establishing that we would have a positive impact on worlds. Deca asks fo rmore definition.

Anna sees Rex disassembled and says he is her property, and threatens the CIS that they will put him back together. She eventually backs down.

Destiny is disassembled as well, then reassembled.

Rex is then also reassembled.

Everyone's number is now in the 7 to 8 hundreds.

Rex asks about The Source and is told that it is too dangeros likely for us

Tilly wakes up. She apparently peered into reality too deep. She is told that she almost dissoluted but some entity she was talking to prevented it. She is also told that her (and all of our) sparks are so faint we barely exist. This from one of the pepole on the upper levels Then she wakes up.

Tilly asks CIS if they can tell who modified her (the detachable head, e.g.). They ask if she would like her timeline rewinded. Or peraps someone else who saw it (like Deca maybe).

When rex mentions that we do our best work in space, CIS says they can provide that.

Psyche is alarmed to learn the parts Rex have nanites. He takes her to meet the salesman from the Cyber Directive. She learns that the nanites are functional locked, and she can put additinoal security measures on them and does so.

Deca asks for a version of Psyche's flying obstacle course, he attempts but does fall, but is saved by a safety net of some kind.


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