January 9 2021

We have achieved pyramid tier 5

Deca is questioned about how the Destiny appeared at the Imperial Moon. He mentions the Golden Child and then Bayshawn, which triggers something so they escort him to the CSB, Central Security Bureau.

Rex and Anna contemplate methods to free him but decide not to act after seeing how difficult this would be. Psyche is questioned about Destiny's Logs. The crew is also quesioned.

A princess is assigned to be a contact, named Markym. He gives Deca his security access, and reserve insignia.

Rex visits his grave and steals his remains. He reviews archive video footage and finds that two gangsters relieved themselves on his grave. He tracks them down… they claim he owes a "box" to Mansecar. Imperial Prison Planet 1356. prisone ae-10236599.

The box has a key that opens the way to untold riches or power or something. Its from an ancient architect world or something.

Destiny has a record of the box, it was called the Arkalom. It was the key that locked up someting incredibly dangerous.

Destiny mentions news of the Scourge using some kind of bio-technology.

We get a distress call from a mining asteroid. They had a Scourge attack recently and there are still a lot of mines around. We disarm enough mines to get there and help them deactivate their reactor long enough for repairs.

As we are leaving, Destiny detects some anomalies, something stealthed. Psyche launches a stealth probe to detect them, as it detects it, it launches a missile at Destiny. We leave. The missile causes a miniature black hole.

The destiny needs a repair and stops at a nearby planet named Agro Hub IV]. While there, the crew gets some shore leave. Rex remembers the planet from before and visits a bar he recalled, with Bob. He learns of a nearby mountain range that people like to hike, and that there is a Carnivore, a six-legged gray and purple bear, called the Gnarlybar. They are repelled by a cannister, which is sold next door. Rex goes there and a woman, Ramara is closing up that he has memory of. She recognized him and tells him to come back tomorrow.

Bob apparently went off and had fun in the town, and killed a serial killer. He describes in detail what he did to him..

Bob asks Rex to hack an account, which he does, but in exchange he will free the aforementioned prisoner, which he agrees as long as he can kill someone else deserving in the prison, with enough blood from each that it will be hard to tell that both aren't dead. And he succeeds. The guy is traumatized, but reveals that the box ate peter.

The ship repairs are finished.

Rex goes to meet Ramora the next day.


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