Curses, Oberon Rex

Gerhardt is coordinating a trip back to the Greek shadow with Elodie. He invites Natasha, who comes through with Raspberry. Then he trumps Isabelle, who agrees to come along but she's going to stay and get another massage and

Jericho talks to Benedict as Oberon walks the pattern. The Unicorn is there with him, walking on the pattern. Eric ambushes Benedict, who was just on the way to talk. He has a cursed blade and as he cuts Benedict with it, and Benedict skewers him sideways at the same time. Eric falls to the ground but won't drop the blade. Jericho… stabbed him in the arm?

Jericho trumps Gerhardt to see if he can do some investigation on the blade. Gerhardt agrees and also brings in Elodie to do some further forensics on it. (She had mentioned to him her studies in cursed magic, lamenting the puppy-eyed dragons, etc.) The blade seems hell bent on killing. It turns its tip to point at Elodie. She continues to research it, using pattern to try and lock it down.

Gerhardt trumps Isabelle and asks her to help determine where Eric went. She comes through, reluctantly. Gerhardt uses pattern to study the angry blade. It is quite frustrated at being pinned down this way in a sort of pattern stasis. Eventually it will get out, but it seems secure for now.

Trump tracking - isabelle knows the general direction of the contact in chaos, thanks to poking around in Jericho's head. Deactivated tripped security alarm with Gerhardt's help.

Jericho goes down the hill to check on the status of Oberon walking the pattern. He survived… and is… King?

Isabelle traces the trump back into Chaos and with the help of Gerhardt, Jericho and Natasha, they push through to the source of the trump and go through. It's… Jericho's mom, Helen. (WTH?)

Gerhardt, Elodie and Natasha go into the cavern? Golden Child's sister is draining people… used to be human? (Sorry I didn't hear this very well.)

The next morning, the castle staff asks about Isabelle. Yes, she wanders off, but she ordered food and didn't eat it. Just a bit out of character. He calls her and finds she's wandered off in her night clothes into Arden. The lilting tune she's following goes to the dark pattern, and she can't be bothered to let it go.

They contacted the sister and got through to her "person" but her body is broken and cursed. Gerhardt and Elodie go to find her physically to heal her. (Olympus)

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