January 28 2017

A tiny mechanical mouse follows Isabelle into the kitchen as she checks on the breakfast menu. Having an existential crisis when offered vegetables to eat, she decides to call Jericho to see what misadventures are in store. He answers her trump call and informs her that he and Silas are going to Wonderland. Hmm… a chance to study strange and interesting plant brethren? Yes, please!


Isabelle joins Jericho and Silas at the border to Wonderland. The trio steps in. Silas summons a carriage and everyone gets in. Ahead is a tea party. At the table they see a rather large squirrel (Squirrel), maybe three feet tall. Also present are a hyena (Giggles), python (Coils) and a mountain goat (Billy). They are celebrating the survival of the latest croquet match! While they survived, they did not win the prize of getting to ask the book one question. Box Turtles on Wednesday and Hedgehogs on Thursday, just their luck!

"If we win and have people left over, can I chase the squirrel?" asks Sivak. Jericho obliges.

The team goes to check in for the day's match. The "hedgehog" must check in as equipment, and the rest check in as players. Jack of Spades seems to recognize Silas in his "Jethro P Walrus" disguise. Ah, yes! He reminds him of the guy who killed the King of Spades, Caine. "Are you Caine?" they ask. Silas assures Jack that he is not murderer Caine.

They watch the young division match from the bleachers of "Hedgehogwarts" and notice there are no casualties. How quaint. There are a lot of shenanigans going on — hedgehogs move wickets, wickets disappear altogether, and the like. The Queen is watching but is a bit bored. She goes inside and someone screams. The games continue.

Elodie and Netherwing discuss the state of the union and how to remove the curse on him. How can she get attuned to the jewel? He suggests that asking for forgiveness is easier than asking permission, and not getting caught is even better.

The team employs their own shenanigans, ensuring their way into the finals and a night's stay in the castle. A sucker bat creature watches over them to ensure they don't leave their quarters. Sugary selections of scrumptious scones and such are served, compliments of the Queen. Jericho (as Spanky) mingles with the other hedgehogs.

Now the day of the tourney has arrived. A giant mirror is placed on the ground and everyone is ushered through. This is the portal to the bizarre final area. The Queen takes a swing at Spanky and he flies towards the water wicket, missing at the last minute. She is furious and takes it out on another card. Jethro engineers a remarkable plot to win the whole game at once. What could go wrong?

Moire is very happy with Gerhardt. She's going to give him a medal — one with a lot of gold! Her city is working soooo much better. Who is Ravanovich? He's running around with a guy named Wynnen?

Meanwhile in prison, they question Silas about how he did the trick shots. They ask Isabelle, too, but it's pretty simple. She only threw the goat that threw the snake that made the shot. They inquire with Spanky, who suggests that there was outside interference, not from the shooter. Don't know if that really went over.

Suddenly the guard bats drop dead. A red wispy figure appears and offers sanctuary. Silas arranges to free the animals and escape with the black smoke. Soaring up and over the castle, the group re-materializes next to some horses. They reach a red swirling portal, go through and arrive in Ravenloft. Sahir leads them into the castle and their individual rooms.

They are cordially invited to dinner. When they arrive, the Red King asks them to come down to his end of the table for some conversation. (…) "The Sorcerer Kings were instrumental in creating us. It would be very beneficial for them to die," says the king. Jericho seems to be trying to work out a deal.

Elodie looks for records in the library on the subject of sentient puppy-dog eyed dragons. (Did I hear that right?) Gerhardt is assisting. She talks with ___ about her journey and Netherwing's paternal protection.

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