January 26 2019

Last week on space patrol….

Psyche's equipment works in some places, and it detects a dramatic change in the Void Sea. There are other faerie folk flittering about.

The substance of the void is changing. Stuff from Dragonport is radiating into the void…

Getting to the edge of the void sea, Rex uses some of his recent pay for the delivery job to rent a family skiff. Deca gets a crash course in skiff piloting. Rex actually cannot sign for it because he is apparently unable to make a binding promise.

Deca pilots the skiff to adjacent of the barrier. The change seems to be happening in segments analogous to the pattern.

Grite gets a scale dagger made from a sale of Netherwing in exchange for being a "level 1 cultist".

Rex buys a voidboard (void surfboard).

As they are turning in the skiff, Grite spots a guy walking towards the rest of the party and he has something in his hand and black tendrils coming from it or his hand. Grite grabs a bench and intercepts him but the tendrils grab the bench. Grite then shoots the guy in the chest and this knocks him back ten feet. Anna loads a hypo dart gun and hits his leg while he occupied fighting Grite

after Anna sedates him with a hypo….

Rex finds 10 trump cards on him, chaos trump. Also has a serprent ring… also a leather strap bound journal. and some oddly shaped colored crystals. several almost identical. also a flat piece of metal with inscriptions on one end, and irregular notches on the other end.
Though sedated, he manages to talk. HIs name is Locklar Tessarn, 25th son of Count Gessard. He claims he only wants to talk about the anomaly.

The ring turns into Izzy, a little serprent who bites Rex, paralyzing him. Anna undoes the sedative so Locklar can have Izzy undo the venom. Rex returns all the stolen items. Locklar summons a centipede with a box on top and everyone goes to his lab, where they all compare notes on the anomaly.

Locklar asks if Rex would like to go to the Chaosian Shapeshifter Academy. Rex says yes, so Locklar has Hess, a servant demon, take him there. However, once there, they judge him to be a Grade 0B shapeshifter, not qualified. They refer him to a Doctor Chin. Hess takes him to Doctor Chin.

Dr. Chin has a somewhat dubious track record of experimentation on subjects, but nevertheless Rex agrees to undergo an experimental treatment. He signs a waiver then gets injected with a bunch of stuff. He eventually comes too, but the effects of the treatment are still uncertain. He does seem to be able to copy abilities of things he touches. Also, he scans different than before.

After returning to Destiny, while out in space Anastasia walks in and says she has a job for us, to steal the Sextant from the Imperial Vault. She has a plan… the group considers the plan and decides to…

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