January 22 2022

After the battle Isabelle rushed home to relax. She learned she can use the flame internally to hear the music or externally for who knows?

Silas and Caine are cleaning up after the battle. They are finding things that indicate the Sorcerer Kings were prepared but not enough.

Brigid assists with returning injured trumps to Amber. Bree is running logistics for that.

Caine pulls Gerhardt aside and asks if he is actually himself.

Jericho acquires the lands from the battle and begins to learn about it and encourage trade, etc.

Gerhardt checks on things in Erewhon. One lab was attacked to find info on how to kill Amberistes, Chaosians, etc. He shifts the lab out of reality to protect it.

Brand goes to see Jasra. The door opens and a very large Chaosian gruffly says, "Who are you? Oh my God you're BRAND!" and he slams the door. Brand hears panicked conversation and knocks again. Something seems familiar about him. Wards are activated on the tower. Brand retreats a little, not wanting such a stir.

He trumps Jasra instead. She answers, hiding the fact that she's holding a knife. She leaps forward to stab him and she falters, looking at him quizzically. "Hi, dear," Brand says. She pulls him through and holds the knife to his throat. They discuss what happened with him and she explains that Merlin's brother and a friend betrayed her and took over the keep. She insists on knowing the list of people who know Brand's identity:

  • Clarissa
  • Isabelle
  • Gerhardt
  • Dworkin
  • Jasra

Svartiblarts(?) (dark elves) want to barter with Gerhardt. They mention a rumor that Isabelle has seeds from the tree. They instead ask for a shadow path to Helheim so they can bypass the mistress who asks for payment to enter (Mordgud).

Going to collect baby monsters from new lands. Locals explain there's nothing cute. Isabelle convinces Jericho to go with her and craziness ensues… Trump of the creature island… Second wave of development closed off the stairs… It is friendly enough that Jericho suggests making it happy by maybe opening up shadow paths for it to feed more easily. Maybe it could get more energy and not have to be slow like a hippo in water.

Bastiano's assistant informs Brigid about an issue near the Phoenix Empire. A place has gone dark and they need assistance finding out what happened. Some "proto doors" or gates are out there. She offers to help and reaches out to Jericho to see if he would do it. He's on board and so are Isabelle and Natasha.

Their computer matrix is actually a living being, not a computer. Isabelle enhances the icon so the ship can get to the world that's gone dark. It works and they arrive and immediately find themselves under fire. The ship offers to send everyone down to the planet in pods (also sentient) and then it will make evasive maneuvers.

Brand reaches out to Rinaldo to try and stop him from assassinating Caine. They have a decent talk but he's not totally satisfied with the situation. He takes out a trump and goes through it. Brand realizes it wasn't one he made, so did Rinaldo make it? Someone else?

Gerhardt finished making the pathway to Helheim in exchange for raw uru. He reaches out to Merlin, who seems quite confused. He's playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts apparently, but he has taken on the role of the hedgehog?! The world around Gerhardt starts to swirl. He becomes clearer to Merlin, but that's probably not good. "Why are you crying rainbows?" Merlin asks. Gerhardt gives him something that will hopefully serve as an anecdote for whatever is wrong with him. Merlin babbles, "Rhonda, you shouldn't bite me when you kiss me." Gerhardt pulls him through and gets him medical assistance.

Ghostwheel is online and doing well. However, Merlin did make a mistake. He let Amber know it existed so it could be helpful, but they just thought it was a weapon and told me to shut it down. "I can't do that!"

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