January 21 2023|Duplicity


Players: Gerhardt, Natasha, Bridgid, Silas, Jason

A new chapter….

Jericho and Isabel are off to deal with incorporating the new Sorcerer King lands, which is proving quite troublesome, so they are fully occupied with that and elsewhere ( - note this is their campaign exit due to moving away)

Gerhardt overseeing planning and design of the Amber Rail through Arden.

Bree has a meeting with Brand, of which no details are known.

Jason has been sent by Vala to Amber, as part of an exchange program between the Amber Court and the Lords and Ladies of Gossamer and Shadow. In return, Martin is sent to Vala's Court. With the relocation of the known Door to the Grand Staircase in Arden, Jason arrives via the next known closest door, in Rebma. There he is greeted by [[[Moire]][, Natasha, Jonathan and others. He is given a tour of Rebma before moving on to Amber, where a nice townhouse has been made available for his use. Silas tried to arrange for him to have a room in Castle Amber, but apparently space in the castle is at a premium. There is a brief ceremony welcoming him with those of the family present in Amber at the time attend. Silas is assigned to oversee his welcome both by the diplomatic corps and the Amber Secret Service. Silas and Jason meet and discuss various matters including the nature of reality, shadow, the stair, and various entities including Bastiano and the Dwimmerlaik.

Silas reads notes of the experience Gerhardt had with being replaced by an exact duplicate, which, even though he is back now, the duplicate is apparently not dead and out there somewhere. Because there is no way to detect them currently, this information is not made public, and apart from Caine, only Gerhardt, Redacted and Redacted know of it. Silas resolves to find a way to detect these duplicates by seeking it in shadow. He invites Jason to go along as he is interested in the nature of shadow walking. After some thought, he also informs Natasha knowing she will come along, and may be useful should they run into trouble. He notes Jason seems to rely more on sorcery than force of arms to defend himself, though he does have a sword. Natasha of course has her pattern sword Aerondight.

Journeying out of Amber through well established paths, Silas begins seeking, while also demonstrating various shadow walking effects to Jason. After some time (a week or more) he realizes he is not continuing to make progress. He contacts Gerhardt via trump, who (after calling back) comes through to assist… but he does not seem to actually be seeking the same thing. After some time though, suddenly the Little Girl appears next to Jason, intrigued in him, stating he is "delicious".

The Little Girl declares that she is good now, unlike earlier when she was not. Earlier she tried to "unwind" things, but because now that she is good, she will not. When asked about the duplicates, she says it was she with others who made the duplicate of Gerhardt, with core of nothing at his heart. She says there is no way to detect them because the duplicates are "perfect". She says there are others, many, but we do not want to seek them because doing so would accelerate their activation and unmake everything. After some questioning, she mentions the only way to contain a duplicate is via the pods where they were stored (created?), something that Brigid caught a glimpse of earlier when rescuing Gerhardt.

The Little Girl repeats several times that she is "Good" now, but also states that she does not know how long she will be "Good".


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