Happy Hour at The Black Death (11/17/2012)

Have secured a guide to the Pinnacle of Blood, the heroes being the journey through the tunnel in the mountain. The ship's lights show the way ahead. A blue spark floats by. A firefly? It flutters in front of one of the lights. Silas mentions it to the guide, who insists on shutting off all the lights and stopping immediately.

The sparks continue to dance about. One crewman grasps a spark in his hand, and a blue flame pours over him. The guide orders him to be thrown over. Jericho kicks the crewman over, and the flame catches onto his boot. Jericho sends it overboard, too.

Another blue spark comes face-to-face with Isabelle. She makes psychic contact and learns that they are attracted to some light within Amberites. Isabelle makes a psychic barrier for Jericho, Silas and herself. Gerhardt used runes to hide himself. Now the sparks lose interest and drift away.

Gerhardt creates a jar to catch one of the sparks, endeavoring to make it safe by drawing runes on the container. He hands the jar to Jericho, who catches one. The little creature is very unhappy.

Now the group notices a light following them. As it approaches, it turns out to be three blue crewman. Jericho launches an untethered harpoon and pins one against the wall. (Something happens to the second one…) The last one is pinned to the ceiling with the final shot.

"Do you have a virgin? That would be a good sacrifice," says the guide. Jericho shadow walks, turning the guide into a virgin. He explains the ritual sacrifice procedure.

An island appears ahead. On it, the Demon King, a freakish toad-monster. Silas makes a construct of a sacrifice to spare the others. Jeremiah took the sacrifice and lets them pass… Then the construct collapses, sending the demon into a violent rage.

By the expert steering of Silas and a few layers of rubber padding, the ship shoots out the other side of the cave unscathed.

Isabelle calls for Falcor, who shows up shortly. He says the best way to get there is to follow the angels. (They look like the wispy fluorescent rays from Titan A.E.) Isabelle, curious and eager to explore, jumps on Falcor and follows the dancing angers as they swoop and swirl, escorting them to "the other side".

Silas and the crew continue toward the beacon. Rather than spending four days avoiding pirates, they plow straight through. They manager to maneuver through and dock at Bella Porte. While in port, Silas replenishes the ship's supplies. He also learns of the void serpant, which we apparently already passed. (?)

Jericho seeks out the most dangerous bar — The Black Death. There's an arena behind it where they do death matches. He approaches the main bartender. "I'm looking for a pilot to take me to the Pinnacle of Blood," Jericho says. The bartender explains that no one will take him. Jericho reaches for the bartender to use his psychic influence, but to no avail. The bartender recoils. "What are you doing?" Trying to act like some Shadow Knight?" He calls Broon to escort him out, but Broon quickly finds himself armless by quick swing of Jericho's sword. He proceeds to fight the whole bar and squeaks out a few more details in the process.

Meanwhile, Isabelle and Falcor are delivered to a beautiful cavern with a glowing blue pool in it. Ever the curious one, Isabelle dips into the water. She is whisked away and finds herself in Rebma of all places! She returns through the pool and trumps Gerhardt to inform him of the glorious news.

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