Who Ordered Crab Legs? (2/9/2013)

Still in Bella Porte, Silas shops for supplies and makes a brief check to see if the undershadow. Indeed, it actually there!

Jericho leaves the Black Death bar and sees a huge rock explode, opening a gigantic passage. Coming through through a massive military boat with cannons smoking. The markings on the boat remind him of those present when his duchy was invaded.

Silas hears the commotion and goes outside to see the ship approaching. The destroyer is about ten times the size of his ship. To bypass the scurrying crowd, Silas drops into undershadow. He senses that he is being followed by wolvish creatures.

The ship looks like it will arrive in about an hour, maybe less. Jericho heads back to the ship, sprouting wings to scope out the situation on the way. He sees many small boats deploy from the ship and head directly for the port.

Suddenly, Isabelle and Gerhardt feel the ground shake. Rocks fall from the ceiling of the cave.

As Silas goes through undershadow, he comes upon a white jackyl the size of a pony. He tries to speack with it. It just sniffs his hand, then his leg. He continues to try to talk, but it bites his leg and draws blood. Then it steps aside.

I'm missing some notes about a battle involving a trump gate and crabs with exploding legs and beacons. I'll upload the picture.

Jericho and Isabelle go through the portal to update Caine on their voyage. They return to the grotto, where [[[Gerhardt]] analyzes the crab leg retrieved by Isabelle.

The group lands at the Imperial hub of Thuule. The natives all have symbols on their foreheads that appear to indicate their class. Also docked at the port is a super dreadnaught.

Fate Points:
Silas - 4 Gerhardt - 4
Isabelle - 5 Jericho - 2
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