February 25 2017

Isabelle is working on a trump of Kijani in her spare time. She is with Silas and Jericho, having an audience with the Red King. They are joining forces against the Sorcerer Kings. They'll keep in touch through William, Vlad's son.

Gerhardt continues his work in Rebma.

Elodie finds a metal elongated box with wax seals with the king's signet. She studies the seal and finds that it is Dworkin's. Studying the box further, she finds a script on the outside of the box declaring this to be the founding charter of Amber. Pattern sight shows her that the box is also locked with the pattern. The key to opening it seems to be something teardrop shaped — the Jewel of Judgment. She decides the best course of action is to stow it back here in a hidden area.

After discussing her findings with Random, Elodie agrees to his request to be at the ready to bring the box and the Jewel of Judgment to the triumvirate.

Back in the catacombs of Rebma, Gerhardt learns that some of his staff have disappeared. Taking an expedition team, he searches even deeper for the central power source. They wind around and squeeze through corridors, eventually arriving at a set of brass doors with elaborate engravings. The artwork seems to depict an eye — a familiar one — peering through. There are also tentacles at the outside edges of the doors that seem to be holding the doors up… or trying to get through?

Silas goes to find Caine, but there is no trace of him and no one has seen or heard from him recently. He finds Jericho in the kitchen and notices Julian at the far end of the room. Isabelle, of course, has wandered off, this time to the garden. The two fellows take a private stroll and discuss Silas's suspicions about the triumvirate's clandestine plans for the evening.

garden… julian… walking quietly in back entrance to a remote gazebo…

Eric exists his room just as Silas and Jericho arrive. He greets them enthusiastically and invites them in for a beer. They discuss the triumvirate's meeting, although Eric doesn't seem concerned.

julian seems agitated at the person he's meeting being so late. the back door squeaks again and eric joins him. julian spills the beans on everything about the night meeting. it will be a very small private meeting to see what's in the box.

gerhardt returns to the rest of the team and shares his findings with the professor(?).

winnie the pixie lives in the garden…. milk, chocolate chip cookies, bread… then heading off to where she came from.

benedict is wrapping up when they boys arrive. vampire court report.

fiona arrives first. some dude arrives next and sits and watches the hallway intently.

winnie appears … smelly dude feeds her…. go bob's way into where she "came through"… along the sea, veil of garnath, clearing. ring of stones. walk backwards three times around the circle. most of the way there. summer court. exploring. fairy riding field mouse. (oops didn't get his name.) should go meet lord aerwyndale(?) and bring an appropriate gift, jewel perhaps.

about to open the box…

jericho calls isabelle to make a backup plan to escape the land of the sorcerer kings. she tries to get him to come relax with her in the summer court where pixies are braiding her vine hair. he declines, instructing her that if he hasn't contacted her in one month, she is to get benedict and eric to come get him and silas. reluctantly, she agrees.

remote gazebo

they open the box and read the scroll. presumably in his blood, oberon writes that all his bloodline is pledged to the unicorn.

gerhardt talks to moire about finding the central power source.

silas, jericho…. mayhem…. death knight

isabelle aerwyndale thet princeling. queen aurora party…. attire is naked.

jericho engrossed in battle, silas to the rescue. they emerge victorious.

bleys calls isabelle and says it would mean a lot if she'd show up for the meeting in amber. it seems everyone is being called in to attend official the thing at the place.

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