Dale, lady of the stairs, was being hunted by insidious creatures. They were working on behalf of an even more insidious creature.

Silas isn't able to use the undershadow, and Lowen isn't sure what he can do. They find their way back to the market where the dream machine merchant, Vizzini is. Silas asks if he happens to know Finnegan, and after searching his records, he is reminded that Finnegan is in fact a customer, and one in considerable debt. Since they are both looking for him, they agree to work together. Vizzini strikes two tuning forks and seems to tune them together. He gives one to Silas and instructs him on how to use it for communication. Before they part, Silas inquires about Dale. The man in the back replies to Vizzini, "No, no. Not Dale! We don't want anything to do with her. She's a 437!" It seems they are quite indebted to her. They refer Silas to a tracker named Joey.

Isabelle has been studying how icons work with Finnegan. To practice what she's learned, she takes Jericho along with her while she experiments with Icons. She keeps crash landing in the wrong places, and finally they end up in the market. They notice Silas, Lowen, and Natasha are there as well. Jericho spots a large orb that is up for auction and he simply must investigate. Isabelle continues to eye the door where fantasy creatures stream in and out. Her curiosity gets the best of her, and she can't wait any longer. She bolts for the door.

Jericho wants the orb and orb shrinker. He makes a deal to get uru or something.

On the other side of the fantastical door there is a plethora of magical adorable fuzzy creatures. Isabelle bursts out with a "SQUEE!" and asks if anyone wants to go home with her. She suddenly feels less than wonderful with each time she asks. She notices that each one responds to her in prose. How odd. "I, too, should speak this way," she posits. "Then they'll know what I say."

Silas talks to Joey about finding Finnegan within the next 5 days.

Some stuff happened, and Jericho ended up in a fight.

Doorway from the Gossamer Market to Poetica Mundi

Jericho strikes a deal with some guardian voice to apprise him of any hostiles meaning him harm on the stairway.

I'm exhausted. I don't know what happened.

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