Nimue and Nieve

Silas was under deep cover and is getting debriefed from Caine: Oberon is back and has walked the pattern, and Dworkin was almost certainly involved.

Isabelle is MIA and Jericho and Sivak are looking for her. The wolf eventually picks up her trail as it heads towards Arden. The trail ends at the dark pattern. The door to the grand stairs is open, and Jericho enters. The two continue to follow the trail. They hear rumors about a glowing, humming girl wandering through the area. She seems to have wandered into a world that is a trap. There's no indication she's been hurt, but Jericho has to retreat and regroup.

Isabelle goes through glades and feels like she's in a different world, but it's not clear how/when that happened. Now she sees a gargantuan tree whose size is beyond comprehension… She goes up and hugs it. It mumbles a low, slow, "Hello…." They talk for a bit and Isabelle learns that its name is The World Tree, Yggdrasil. It says there is a piece of it in her, just like there is a piece of the unicorn. It asks that she contacts its children and help it learn what is going on. It also mentions that she is not tapping into the power of the unicorn. She is shocked and eager to learn what she's missing out on. After the nice exchange, it opens a temporary door to the stairs so she can go home. Looking back, there is no door. It's just gone.

Jericho suddenly bumps into Isabelle and chides her for walking around barefoot in her night gown. She doesn't seem really concerned about it and proceeds to tell him about her dream while she was sleep walking.

Natasha, Gerhardt and Elodie… break the curse on someone in a temple? She's connected to something.

As the moon rises, a dark storm rolls in. The kind that Oberon could summon if he had the Jewel. Silas consults the Amber Weather Service to see if this storm is anomalous. They say the storm is expected to last about 24 hours. Silas, Jericho, and Natasha go to Tir-na Nog'th.

Jericho goes out into the ghostly woods to try and learn more about Isabelle. He finds a young version of her, maybe 8-10 years old. She jumps into a tree, and he hesitatingly tries to follow. She giggles as he bounces off the tree. The two venture deep into the woods. In the middle of pseudo Arden, he sees Ygg.

Silas and Natasha head into the throne room. Eric is on the throne with the crown on his head. They drag Corwin up to him and drop him at his feet. Silas notices that everyone around him is a little upset and nervous and freaked out. (Oberon and Benedict are notably absent.) In the background he can see a huge war with Chaos raging.

Things merge and change and then Corwin seems to be in charge, talking to Benedict. Out of nowhere the silver arm comes from the sky and grabs Benedict. He fights it, eventually cutting it off. Random is just staring at Silas, who asks if he can see him. Random accuses Silas of being creepy and asks if Silas is dead or something, showing up to Random as a ghost.

The next scene is Corwin running away from the castle and Oberon is holding the Jewel. Oberon is talking to Dworkin, who suggests they just nuke it all and start over. Oberon insists on following through with the plan that will end him. Dworkin is very reluctant to go along with this, but is somewhat comforted by the ability to bring him back if everything goes to crap.

Silas heads back to the pattern room and the guards show him their written instructions that say "Do not let Silas in", signed by Queen Nimue. (Who?) He kills the guards and picks the lock. He goes in and the queen fusses at him. She says he has no authority to be there. He does not relent. The sorceress throws up her cape and suddenly Silas is surrounded by visions of himself.

Jericho goes toward Silas and ends up surrounded by mirrors, too. Natasha doesn't go any further, so she can see that the red headed girl finishes walking the pattern. As she does, she disappears and reappears by Nimue. They embrace and vanish.

Natasha sees the two appear in the throne room and as they cross the room they become more ephemeral. Silas and Jericho join her and yell for the two to stop. Nimue turns around and starts walking back towards the group. She waves her arm as she approaches. She curtsies and invites the group to an event. As they enter they are greeted and introduced to King Oberon. Silas asks what the Queen would name her daughter if she had one, and she said Nieve.

Isabelle follows the pollen trails from the flower. In Erewhon it leads to Ygg, floating off a little helicopter spore and attaching to Ygg. In Amber one went towards the island.

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