Feb 3 2024

Silas gathers a list of the attendees for the event where Eric is going to announce his intent to become King of Chaos. It is set to take place at a pavilion next to the cathedral. Silas talks to Oberon and learns that Eric didn't really want Oberon to come. It could stir things up and take the spotlight away. Clarissa and other redheads plan to attend in opposition to Eric. Can't really get the new ambassador in place in time, so Silas will serve as the highest ranking Amber representative in terms of diplomacy. Jericho will stay for protection.

Jericho wants to talk to Eric and Alyss.

Jason closed the gate in Thelbane but later found it was open again. He goes through to see if anyone is on the other side, but all he sees is a dangerous creature moving away. The "abomination" is like an elongated worm made of pieces of reality rolled together around a malevolent consciousness. Jason talks to Bastiano, who doesn't believe they can come through the doors.

Jason and Silas remember that a few Dwimmerlaik escaped and wonder if they might use the door if they find it. They decide to trump Lowen and see how his hunt is going. So far the 3 he's been chasing he's only gotten 1.

Someone wants to show Silas something at the Embassy. He asks for a secure room and then activates a cone of silence to talk to Caine. He then talks to Dale who is interested until Silas mentions that Bastiano will be there.

Jericho stays around to talk to Alyss and Eric. First he heads in the direction of Alyss. She's with a boy about her age. She's distracted watching him but motions for Jericho to come over. Both of them have a home in the "outer dark". Apparently the Dwimmerlaik found/killed a friend of hers and used their body in rituals to transform them into powerful beings like the Amberites.

Jericho trumps Silas and explains what he learned. Silas stops him and asks that they continue the conversation in the privacy of the Embassy. Jericho comes through and shares that Osric is likely to be trying this ritual. He's already expressed a desire to kill the Unicorn and take her power. Gerhardt knows the most about Osric if we want to know more.

Silas shares that it is very likely that Eric (Duke Barrowman) will win as he has the backing of the serpent. There are 3 other candidates (Duke of Hendrake, Duchess Minobi, and Merlin).

Jason goes to look at the ancient books and scrolls that Bastiano's people were bringing in earlier.

Cara tells Natasha they're in a stitched together reality. Natasha looks for Lowen but doesn't find him. She trumps him instead and pulls him through to her to speak privately. Cara tells Natasha that the Dwimmerlaik are hiding themselves, their entire beings, so they can't be hunted.

The Ancients created Cara to observe and monitor existence without having to be there in person. Her memory doesn't go back as far as it should. Being put in the device seems to have hurt her. The Lord of Gossamer and Shadow — the one who built the pyramids — is the one who put Cara in the device. (Luther — not Lucien.)

Subtle psychic connection between Cara and Natasha. Beautifully crafted, no idea how. Isabelle will definitely be studying that. Emotions might trigger the connection, but right now Cara is basically dormant. Later Cara talks to Isabelle and explains that the flame has made her "fully alive" and it can be shared on purpose or just by continued exposure.

New land, Malign. The group meets Phil, who seems excited to meet Amberites. He's a native Maligner. Making copies of Silas, Jericho, and Isabelle?? Jason tries to use Eidolon but Phil stops him, "You're a sneaky one!" Jericho goes to grab his hand and Phil evades easily. Phil explains he is one of the ~77 Princes. Apparently that comes with being a great mimic/task master? He seems friendly but exceptionally curious. Some sort of exchange happened. He gave 3 drops of blood in exchange for… copying skills?

Isabelle works on a trump of Phil.

Lowen senses there is at least 1 Dwimmerlaik in the city. People are gathering in the central courtyard for the selection of a new Prince. People are placing prop bets. A beam of light comes from the altar and a little teacup appears and floats to a woman in the crowd. She does a slight of hand trick and the teacup disappears. She walks up an invisible ramp and out above the city. Eventually she seems to open a door and she disappears through it. Jericho flies up to see the door and he senses there might be something, but he just can't seem to find it. Nobody else even noticed what she did. How strange.

They look for a place to stay. Rats are following them. Isabelle gets Cheeto to come over to their side.

Cathedral of Doors… Seems rather horrific. Euryale woman Silas talks to. She's looking for her sister and says it would not be a good idea for him to travel with her. She seems to be a Medusa of sorts.

Everyone blacks out at one door. Jason and Isabelle wake up and soon after Silas and Jericho come to as well. They have a sense of dread that something bad happened. Opened a door and something bad came out.

Everyone gets back to the Star Hotel. Natasha gets back from walking the pattern.

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