The Envoy

The Envoy was a ship belonging to Silas. It was destroyed by a large explosion in the Sea of Cabra near Kolvir. Fortunately most of the crew were not aboard at the time.

It can serve many purposes, but is basically a diplomatic ship. As such it can serve as a yacht for social functions, as a fishing vessel, and can carry some cargo. It is manned by a highly trained and competent crew, capable of handling all manner of social occasions, navigation, security or even covert ops.

The ship has many berths available for travellers, including some that are commonly used by the rest of the party. In particular Gerhardt has a room that is usually off limits to everyone else which he uses for his own purposes.

The ship is capable of adapting to various environments, from being an air ship to a submersible in time of need.

While travelling to the Void Sea it was converted to being able to navigate the ether. At this time Gerhardt also mounted a plasma cannon on it. Apart from this it is not a warship, its main other armament consists of harpoon guns and various small arms used by the crew.

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