Registration ID: R Class/IMS-0D3ST1NI
Scale: Huge Crew: 4 to 12

Concept: Repurposed imperial research ship with an unknown past
Trouble: Found cheap in a junkyard and fixed up
Extra: Spunky experimental AI “Destiny”
Extra: Self-serving and mouthy spare crew (Bob, Sarah, Jim, and Rita)

AI can take over and run any system on the ship for the duration of
the scene (at +2) by marking off one stress on Teamwork Track for each system

Detachable basic Class S Shuttle (The Raven). Any hit will completely disable one of its systems.
No weapons. Can function as second bridge while attached. Is the escape pod if ship disabled.

Engines (+1) Shields (+2)
1 - Damaged Engines (fleeting) [] 1 - Shields Failing (fleeting) []
4 - Dead in the Water (lasting) [] 4 - Shields Broken (lasting) []

Sensors (+1) Weapons (+1)
1 - Damaged Sensors (fleeting) [] 1 - Weapons Offline (fleeting) []
4 - Sensor-Blind (lasting) [] 4 - Weapons Broken (lasting) []

Life Support Communications
1 - Damaged Life Support (fleeting) [] 1 - Damaged Comms (fleeting) []
4 - Breathing CO2 (lasting) [] 4 - Comm Silence (lasting) []


Destiny is a very old ship. She once belonged to Oberon. She has sections of her memory that were locked long ago. She was apparently built at the Demiurge shipyard.

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