Having a Ball at the Ball

Fiona sends a robo call to… everyone. It’s an invitation to Brigid’s party. Who? Her daughter? Everyone makes plans to attend.

Bleys contacts both Isabelle and Jericho, offering to have his tailor Joseph make them color matching suits for the ball. Though suspicious, Jericho accepts, as does Isabelle.

Brigid has icons of Fiona (mom), Finnegan (dad), Elodie, Gerhardt and Isabelle.

Brigid calls Gerhardt and Isabelle (Elodie too?) and passes on a message from Finnegan. He is going on the stairs to investigate the Labyrinth. He seems concerned. If we don’t hear back from him, we should probably go looking.

Silas trumps Isabelle to get flowers for the ball and to try and reach Dayle. Isabelle agrees to help. Silas will try to find her another way. Isabelle gets another trump, this one from Jericho. He wants to know if they’re going to the ball together. Isabelle is reluctant to let the family know just yet.

Bleys appears from behind a tree and surprises Isabelle. “Going to the ball with anyone?” The question leaves her visibly flustered. He offers to have clothes tailor made for her and her date. He then reaches out to Jericho, and finally Isabelle relents and agrees to go with him.

Silas sends an invitation to Dayle. She shows up, but says she can't stay because Drake is going to close the doors from the Grand Staircase to Amber, due to the previous Dwimmerlaik incursion. He and Jericho go to the doorway and encounter some men from Drake already there. They give Silas an Icon of Drake, and he calls him and they argue over it, but are unable to convince him to not proceed with the plan to close the door. They also want to leave some men in Amber, but hold off pending permission to do so.

At the ball, Silas is alerted to a presence at a stairwell door. He goes to see who it is, and a few guys say they are there to secure the doors. If there is an issue, Silas may take it up with Drake. He does so, and they discuss locking the door to prevent the Dwimmerlaik from entering again. Jericho joins the conversation. They argue for quite a while.

The Ball starts. Dayle is there in projection, not physical form. Fiona sees her and forces the projection to follow her to the library. Silas investigates, but she is gone.

Reminder — there are six known doors into Amber: Rebma (we have a key), death pattern, Erewhon (Gerhardt has a key), one hidden by Gerhardt, unspecified one that opens toward Chaos, one in Corwin’s shadow.

Dayle advises Brigid to flee. She says that they want to lock all the doors to the stairwell. Brigid decides to stay in Amber, promising Dayle that that she will find a way out.


Elodie takes a trump from Von who is looking for an invitation to the ball.

It is time to announce Brigid, and Flora grabs Von to escort her into the spotlight. The first dance is done, so Von says his goodbyes and makes his exit. Brigid, done with formalities, welcomes everyone to speak freely with her. And they do. All at once.

Elodie brings Rinaldo as her +1, and Gerhardt brings Selene Hendrake. Flora brought William. Silas brings Dayle, albeit only in hologram-like projection form.

Lowen is wearing a bracelet from Netherwing.

Gerhardt introduces Selene to Isabelle and explains that she is an aspiring Trump artist and Chaosian. Isabelle is excited at the idea of mentoring a fellow artist. They talk about a girls’ night. Selene continues for making the rounds.

Fiona notices Dayle and compels her projection to follow her into the library for an interrogation. Silas follows but by the time he gets there Fiona is done, and Dayle's projection is not there. Silas talks with Fi about the Void and the desire of the Lords to not allow access to the Staircase from shadows that touch the void, like Amber's.

Lowen suspects that Caine has designs to threaten/kill Elodie. That seems odd. He asks Jericho to keep an eye out. Brigid suggests Netherwing is more concerned about her date, Rinaldo.

Silas talks with Netherwing about the Dwimmerlaik and finds he knows of them but has not seen any in Dragonport which is by the Void Sea. He obtains permission to explore the void from Dragonport to seek the Dwimmerlaik home realm, with a caution to be very careful and of course not allow them to follow him back.

Drake and Jericho reached a deal where they'd leave one door unlocked as long as the Amberites agreed to secure it and let them know if the Dwimmerlaik attack again. Jericho will convey this information to Benedict and return the answer to Drake.

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