Green Acres and the Fifty Shades of Oberon

Silas informs Isabelle and Jericho about the plant problem in Faery. He says Gerhardt is there and can probably help.

The Green has started to take over the Summer Court, and the Winter Court is taking advantage of it. That also means the Winter Court is neglecting to protect the thinning between their realm and that of the Dwimmerlaik.

Gerhardt has a team working to create cross-shadow drones for data collection. Gerhardt agrees to settle a debt with the Winter Court by spying on the Summer Court. He receives a message from Silas that asks him to assist Isabelle in the Summer Court if he’s still nearby. Begrudgingly, Gerhardt considers it.

Elodie is studying the transporter with the help of some of Gerhardt’s experts from the linguistic institute. Her mother sends her a message through Shadow via a dove. Apparently afternoon tea is cancelled… It seems she may have a gentleman caller keeping her occupied.
In the Summer Court, Jericho and Isabelle meet with the Queen and then Sylvanis, a faun-like creature with little horns. He’s very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the court. They travel on a magic sled as they chat and enjoy the beverage dispenser. Isabelle asks for her favorite drink, Hoppy Pop. Aha! They have it!

Gerhardt trumps Dworkin, and when they make contact, Gerhardt notices what appears to be the back of his own head behind Dworkin. He turns around and sure enough Dworkin is standing right behind him. They discuss the problem of offer to settle the debt with the Winter Court. Dworkin gives him a message to give to Oberon and also mentions that he shouldn’t talk to Fiona (Flora?) if he hears anything about her.

Natasha asks permission from Raspberry to ride him. He says that’s fine. She then asks if he’s a fairy. He seems almost offended and explains that all the bears he knows are bears. He lives in Faery, but he is not one. Some bears are stupid, but he does not associate with them. They’ve had fun in Amber and Rebma, so now they head back to Faery.

Elodie’s mom trumps her and offers her apologies for missing tea. Flora notices a celebration in the background and Elodie explains that she just won an aerobatics competition. Her mother is being a little odd…

Isabelle gets a trump call from Gerhardt, who asks what she’s up to and if he could join along. The sled makes space for him, and he comes through. Sylvan offers him a beverage, and Gerhardt requests a Red Velvet. With a bit of magic and glamour it appears.

Elodie employs a trick Silas recommended to do a sort of call tracing on the trump call from Flora. Much to her surprise, it turns out she was talking to Netherwing. Elodie trumps Netherwing and he is quite upbeat and a smidge evasive. He notices she’s a bit troubled and asks her what’s wrong. He says his relationship with Flora is getting better, and he wishes the two of them got along better. It turns out that the whole “dumb blonde” act is really something that Flora started. She’s actually quite the practitioner of magic and likes to keep it a secret.

Jericho and Isabelle reach a lordling whose lands have been overrun by the Green. “It grew for a period of time and then stopped,” the lordling explained. Isabelle talks to the Green and Jericho paraphrases the discussion for the lordling.

Silvanis chats with Gerhardt about the Green. Gerhardt explains that it is generally only limited by topography. Water is a decent deterrent, although it can eventually cross with converted effort. “It is a vampire deterrent,” he notes, but Sylvanis isn’t concerned with that.

While Isabelle continues the plant conference, Gerhardt ventures out to determine how the Green got here. He finds that it was most likely Silas that created the path. It does make sense. Now, to tell Sylvan or not? Gerhardt divulges some information, but doesn’t throw Silas under the proverbial bus.

Isabelle connects with the Green at a deeper level to guide it through the Winter Court to explore the thinning. Jericho speaks with the Queen and offers the services of the Green to crush the Winter Court.

Flora and Netherwing rush through a trump contact with Elodie and into a trump gate to his throne. Something must have spooked Flora, and Elodie simply must know what's going on. She calls Gerhardt, who eventually gets some privacy from Oberon to take a trump call. It's Elodie.

Grows towards "the thinning". Thistle cones and hardy flora. There's a lot of fighting. The Green is quite intrigued and is considering going through to the Dwimmerlaik side to get a better opportunity to communicate with them. (As soon as they come through here they are immediately embroiled in battle.

Elodie and Oberon talk about how he's doing and the state of affairs in Amber.

Screaming mindscape. The Outsiders have found a way in!

Embedded Redcap "Bob" :P
new fronts in the area coming through much more regularly
push the border back a la dreamlands
Jericho reporting the Benedict and the Triumverate
Isabelle recuperating at Serendipity Ranch spa

Flora invites Elodie through and asks her to "stick around for a while". Elodie shares her talk with Oberon where he said he thought she would have been further along and that the wings were unnecessary.

Gerhardt - Bits and pieces of it slunk away… Not self-replicating. They're trying to figure out what happened. After the repair, they present a redcap to him who knows about the symbols he needs to interpret. Gerhardt trumps Elodie to get help with the last bit of translation.

Elodie works on how to move a shadow to another place to get further away from the family. She goes to Merlin to get help, since he's about the only family she likes. She tells him that Oberon is back in the picture and he is quite flummoxed. He advises her against any plans to assassinate Oberon, just in case she was thinking about it.

Benedict tells Jericho the plan is to take Oberon so the Primal Pattern. They need to keep things calm while they settle it all.

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