December 26 2020

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Boxing Day

Rex is working on a way to free the people transformed into silicon matrices ("turned to stone") by the Gorgons. Bob offers to put Psyche in touch with a transformation specialist, asking how badly she really wants this. She does not want it enough to make a deal. Rex determines he cannot shapeshift to a silica matrix, but he can make himself look like one.

There are storms and earthquakes happening. They seem to be in concentric rings homing in on the city. Analyzing a bit, it seems they are homing in on the two Gorgons, one of which thanks to us now has access to the central network. The storms seem to home more in on one of them. The two gorgons do not like each other.

A golden beam shoots down to the center of the city. The storm stops suddenly. An ancient mind is trying to probe everyone. We decide to leave and send the flare. Rex determines to take one of the statues

Joshua Antlsey is the one Rex brings, the first non-insane one he found. He is from the First Galactic Empire, sent by Oberon.

Psyche hears an ancient melodius vote, which says it recognizes them. It also says it warned us to leave. Psyche tells it Oberon sent us. It might be the Golden Child. It levitates everone into the air.

The Golden Child (Bayshawn) says we are all, even Rex, descended from Oberon (countering what was previously believed). Rex asks if he can undo the stoning of the statues. He said he could undo ten… but it would consume Rex. But then he offers to do it anyway without doing so. Anna is skeptical, but Rex agrees. He gives Rex a rock which will undo it if touched or all of them if crumbled.

Bayshawn teleports the PCs to the Gorgons, who are now friendly and wanting to also undo this.

We get them all sorted into groups, Humans, citizens, sane/insane, etc etc. Deca proposes sending the non-humans to the Ascendency.

Psyche notices that Bob is missing. Several attempts to get him to appear, including claiming to be in danger, does not produce Bob.

Everyone gets restored, and there is much rejoicing. Then they all start vanishing, and every one of them vanishes without a trace.

Having exhausted all the possibilities, we decide to move on. It is observed there are about 30 spaceships of various sizes, modified space creatures of the type seen in The Dark… space whales, space squids etc… waiting for us. [[[El-Alil]] senses the Dark Adept stalking him on them. We ask if the Portal Network, apparently controlled by the Gorgons, can transport the Destiny. It can. We use it to transport instantly to a space dock on the Imperial Moon.

El-Alil at this point bids Deca farewell and goes to meet the Phoenix Knights to hopefully negotiate a duel on even ground with the Dark Adept.

Psyche contacts her mother, who tries to persuade her to give up her life of exploration. She refuses.

Rex is using forged paperwork and the appearance of Josh Antsley, the rescued then disappeared guy from the planet.


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