December 21 2019

We take on two new crew members, Artus Gold, an alchemist chef, and an Ursamite named Flauf.

We were investigating an incident that happened on the Destiny.

Psyche talks to Xander and determines that it was done by some local agents and they are registering a formal complaint.

Rex has an appointment at a Dark Recruiting Office. He registers as an independent contractor with The Ascendency. He also registers as one with the local criminal network.

Flauf wants to disguise herself as a prize teddy bear at the festival. She does and gets "won" by a kid and then causes some commotion when she slaps him. She also pickpockets the crowd.

Artus Gold goes shopping for dangerous spices at the festival. He also looks for knives.

Rex picks up a bounty job for a furry mind controlling crab creature.

Deca is testing the other ship out. He enters into a race. The race is organized by the furry crab bounty target…. during some of the blind spots in the race, a rail gun fires at Deca's ship. However, he avoids it and finishes, and wins the race.

As the crab guy moves to salvage the destroyed ships, Rex gets dropped off near the debris field and gets picked up with salvage. The ship lands on a moon.

Deca uses the tracking beacon that Destiny put on Rex to track to the base and moves into position outside the base.

Rex copies one of the salvagers and makes his way to the boss's quarters, then bluffs his way past the guards. He takes out the crab creature and ties up the host. Then he copies the boss and stuff the crab into a backpack. He orders the guards away and makes his way out… he also sends a coded message to the Destiny.

Deca sets up firing solutions and as various cruisers start to fire up he opens fire.

Anna manages to trump Rex out, with the crab creature still in a bag. It is placed in a statis container.

After relaying what he saw to the engineers, it is determined the asteroid has a dark drive of some type that folds space into null points mounted on the asteroid itself. Deca and Pysche want very much to capture this engine. Anna draws a trump to get everyone onto the base.

About this point the popo show up and start taking everything into their custody.

They tell Psyche she cannot keep the scan data of the dark drive.


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