The "Ducky" Vampires


  • Talk to Rhanda about shroudlings and "ducky" vampires
  • Learn about the Hunger
  • Figure out the new Isabelle plant person

Aria talks to Silas about the water vampires. Diplomacy seems to be an unlikely approach. The duckies are not as powerful as other vampires, but they are looking to grow stronger.

01.jpgHeads of the Four Vampire Courts (in order of power):

There is a creepy underwater shadow with legends of witches. They have a good fishing and mining economy. These people are familiar with the duckies. A sea witch deep in the caverns may be of assistance. Her name is Ingrin.

Silas, Lowen and Jericho go to meet her. She graciously offers wine, and they accept. Silas begins negotiations. She seems quite sarcastic and condescending. Her price to help is a jewel embedded in the forehead of a giant serpent. The trio sets out to fulfill the request.

Elodie goes to her scheduled meeting with Fiona to learn how to remove the curse on Netherwing. Despite being uncomfortable with the ritual, Elodie persists learning it. Fiona takes her to a special shadow and insists that Elodie keeps it a secret. This place allows her to manipulate magic more easily.

0383dd45af8de9f6def0a5303a1d0d87.jpgSilas pries the jewel off the forehead of the weakened serpent. The trio takes the jewel back to the sea witch, who takes them to meet the Colorless Queen. It seems her people stole The Hunger on behalf of the Red King.

Jericho, displeased with the outcome of the negotiations, is quite tempted to kill the Colorless Queen. Eventually they strike a strange deal. Will Silas become a vampire? While Silas contemplates his decision, they go on a tour of the land led by the Queen's "meat bag", Ilvyana.

Silas and Jericho try to reach Isabelle and find she is quite indisposed at the moment. Tubes and gauges adorn her clear coffin. "Mommy and I are playing!" she exclaims in a stupor. She seems quite happy to be getting attention from her mother, even if only as an experiment. When the drugs wear off, she'll practice forcing a normal appearance, as Gerhardt suggested it would make their mother happy.

Arial is in the war room of the Colorless Queen to learn what her battle plans are.

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