December 16 2017

** Sorry these notes are spotty! Will try to polish up later. **

Embroiled in battle with the Dwimmerlaik, Natasha calls for help over the rings. Although Lowen is wearing his ring, he doesn't really pick up on the message since he's still walking the pattern. It comes in loud and clear for Isabelle, who jumps at the opportunity to coordinate the adventure. Bleys pipes up on the rings as well and asks if any assistance is needed. Isabelle will keep him updated.

Silas, green screen at headquarters

Trump Ygg hillside panorama…. activity down the hill to the right. Tear in reality. "Smattering of very strange horned creatures" Avg 8 ft tall.

Elodie activates the trump to go to ygg and gets a feedback attack from just trying it. She uses a nearby trump and flies in

Isabelle calls Gerhardt, he knows Dwimmerlaik… official ambassador, finnegan, lady valla, assist with the dwimmerlaik. not getting lucien involved!

Isabelle gives Bleys the sitrep.

Natasha continues fighting as Jericho and Silas work to close the distance.

Finnegan surveys the situation: The Dwimmerlaik weren't able to travel that way before. He thought they were all banished. He may be able to help, but we'll need to clear out in front of the rift.

Lowen transforms into volatile weird form

Elodie uses her fancy wings

Gerhardt goes into a mad state, his hair standing out in every direction. The barrier flares, pattern-like but not the pattern exactly.

Everyone is being pulled towards the creature and the rift. Tithonian? Old Ones? Finnegan captured part of one? Created a stasis effect to hold one in extremely slow motion.

Dwimmerlaik led by the lady of the Emperor.

Corpses are handed out for research.

J:major cost

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