Jar Jar King

Netherwing can now visit other shadows, plans to visit Elodie's shadow.

Hasake is very cooperative with Jericho, Silas and Lowen and their investigation. Having your soul held captive will make you do that. He does not want to be a vassal of The Emperor. He also reveals that the Emperor wanted Eric brought back.

Gerhardt is looking for a source of uru. Uncle's castle is the best place to find it. Other option is to help the dwarves get rid of the shadow elves.

Jericho is looking for a teacher for Umbra.

Silas has a discussion with Caine about the state of affairs and the negotiations with the Sorcerer Kings. Silas lets slip that the Sorcerer Kings wanted Eric resurrected. They speculate on who shot Eric on the patter in Rebma and eliminate various possibilities. Caine repeatedly denies it was him. He does want a plan to eliminate the other patterns as a possible means to assassinate various amberites if necessary.

Elodie scries with trump. She trumps someone she thinks can help.

Jericho seeks an Umbra teacher and finds the little girl from the wonderland shadow from long ago.


Lowen is learning magic.

Gerhardt trumps Silas to ask for help in helping the Svirfneblin (Deep Dwarves) versus the Svart√°lfar (Dark Elves). They trump Jericho and he agrees to help once he is done encouraging Eric to leave his Duchy.

Jericho confronts Eric about what he is up to and Eric admits he is using the duchy as a staging area to take the throne of Amber. They argue for a bit. They part on not so good terms and Eric leaves.

Gerhardt, Silas and Jericho prepare to visit the dark elf queen. Before they go Jericho trumps Eric back and they reconcile, sort of. Jericho makes sure the Winter Court is cool with it, and they are with a gift.

Gerhardt convinces Elodie to come along. Before she leaves a songbird starts singing to her ala Disney princess mode. It has a tiny note attached to its leg, it is from Flora saying she had to be out of town for a bit and they would catch up later. She sends a tiny response.

The dark elf queen is named Iriya. Silas asks them to stop the war. Iriya says the dwarves blew up one of their cities, killing 95% of their people. The group considers helping the elves instead of the dwarves.

The plan is to find another shadow, with an empty city like the one they lost, that is the very best place for them. The city is inhabited by the monstrous "people that eat people". Various attempts at talking to them result in them just trying to eat us more. There is an "intelligence" behind them, an It. Elodie talks to it and it relinquishes the city, all the monsters fall dead. It apparently lives in the undershadow.

Silas negotiates with the dwarves to get a clip of returning Uru bullets. Negotiations eventually involve Julian and an Uru boar spear as well for 2 acres of selectively harvested forest in Arden.

Jericho acquires a Lurker, a furry bat-snake like creature you can wrap around your arm and fling into corners where they spy on things.

Jericho seeks an Umbra training and it is the Little Girl.


Jericho agress to the training. She then turns a cute furry mouse into a bubble that then pops.

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