Pre-Venting the Dwimmerlaik

As Gerhardt attempts to send Jericho, Isabelle, Lowen and Bridgid to deal with the advancing Dwimmerlaik, but something goes wrong and they vanish. Gearhardt things they went…somewhere else and were not destroyed, is not sure.

Some of the Dwimmerlaik in their control room are attempting to lock Gearhardt out of the control system, while the rest advance to our control room. The advancing group is six dwimmerlaiks and 3 more of the red eyed smoke bears (which are named the War-Ursa (pronounced "Wah-ur-sah").

Silas disguises himself as if he is possessed by a bear and goes to wait for the Dwimmerlaik. He then leads them in a different direction.

Natasha uses her sword to unlock the chair, and lets Gerhardt take over.

Gerhardt connects himself to they pyramid….he is able to release some of the bears, who turn on the Dwimmerlaik. He then figures out how to trigger a "cleanse/venting" of the system using the captive stars that power the pyramid. When she realizes what is about to happen Natasha dashes out to try and save Silas. She arrives in time to dispatch the one remaining bear which Silas had blinded. Just before the vent happens, Elodie manages to trump them back to just outside the control room. The venting happens, which nukes some of the dwimmerlaik but some trump out to the other control room.

The chair takes an increasing physical toll on Gearhardt as he continues to operate it, trying to find the remaining dwimmerlaik. A trap set by Silas triggers just outside the control room, just as Gerhardt triggers another vent. Two of the dwimmerlaik are fried but two manage to trump out again.

Gerhardt takes more damage, and finally stands up from the chair, then keels over. He eventually comes too.

While trying to figure out what to do, various alarms start sounding in the control room. All four stars in this control room show signs of trouble.

Elodie sits in the chair and is able to master the system, which results in strength and pysche rolls which she is good at. She masters the system, shuts down the failure of the 4 stars. One switches back on which we figure out is where the Dwimmerlaik are. She manages to do a brief vent of that room, frying them.

Gearhardt checks the logs of the transport pads and finds that one had been used, Gonoram (one of the four worlds).

We check the other 3 worlds:

Attali is a medieval fantasy , powerful and magical world, much potential. No sign of them.

Betinien we arrive in hollow large tree, powers are very weak, entire world covered by trees and roots, dark. The trees appear to magical and concentraed. There is evidence that a ritual that took place recently, a circle with stones. Fruits and an altar.

Desnada has huge dramatic rock faces and trees, some kind of dragon in the distance flying. We show up atop a rock outcropping. Two people wearing odd half length robes with long scares, watching us. They call the pads the "forbidden circle" and they seem to be psychic guardians. They speak in unison, and say no one has come here. THey are the "Twinfolk", and all twins are highly magical.

we then go to the 4th world.

Gonoram — we arrive on an ice flow and are pelted by wind and snow,

There are some lights in the distance.

Silas checks the undershadow, and sees some two legged creatures that are catching and eating fish.

As he does this a warlrus-like man arrives in a portal, holding a chuck of black ice. Silas is able to understand him and introduces them. He says he is a servant of the black. He recognizes the Dwimmerlaik when described, and says that 9 of them came through and destroyed a village and several vessels. We tell them we killed the dwimmerlaik, he asks for proof but we have very little. However he trust us and tells us that the he knows where they first arrived but it is far. He says he must talk to the local lord to get permission.

Elodie and Natasha go back to tell Gerhardt what was found, then they all come back. The servant says his name is Karos.

While back we see that variou settings in the control room have been adjusted. Elodie notes that she is no longer connected to the chair (only one person at a time can be). She sits in the chair and finds it MUCH harder, and starts off taking a bunch of stress and some consequences. She presses on with much effort and tagging various aspects and connects to level 2, and realizes the person that is connected to the chair now is right there, out of phase, but right next to the chair and looking at her, a dark figure.

She is able to talk to the figure, who tells her that he is worried about her. He also calls her a "wormling", and that the pyramid is his place. She asks him to teach her, but he is reluctant. He objects to the fact that we used the system to kill things (the dwimmerlaik).

They get into a long discussion. He believes the pyramid should not be used to kill, that he was going to direct the Dwimmerlaik to the door to get rid of them. His name is Maarden. He came from one of the four worlds, Attali.

Apparently a gossamer lord long ago came to the pyramid and used it to expel the Dwimmerlaik, his name was Luthor.

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