Let Us Go Take Amber

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Silas continued researching The Dark as his new ship Revenge neared completion. He invited Isabelle to the christening, and she honored him with her presence. After the ceremonies were completed, he and his crew headed out to take care of some "loose ends" on the way back to Amber.

Isabelle stayed with the royal family of The Phoenix Empire, eventually receiving the honor of seeing their pattern. She got the impression that some of Finndo's court were planning to hunt the Oberon replicants, as they were considered a dangerous threat.

Gerhardt received a trump from Lady Vala of her military adviser Lavanya. This gesture was a token of the slow repair of the relationship.

Jericho pursued the restoration of Eric's soul to a replicant of his body. He learned of a cauldron that could be used to raise the dead. Strangely, it is not located in any shadow. He's going to need a lot of help to figure this out.

Lowen, lost in shadow, found a pattern and walked it. He contacted Isabelle with a raven messenger, and she returned a trump of her to him. Upon receiving it, he trumped her. She couldn't bring him to her, so she gave him a trump of Amber. He traveled back.

The loose ends to which Silas was referring turned out to be an old acquaintance, The Mother. They travel through the undershadow to the research outpost. The beast consumed and devoured the people and drove others mad. That satisfied its hunger for the time being. Suddenly, Silas blacked out and a moment later he awoke in his quarters on the Revenge.

Gerhardt and Finnegan are chatting when Gerhardt receives a trump call from Jericho. They both come through the trump, and Finnegan bids them adieu. Lowen approaches Jericho's room right as Finnegan exits. Lowen bangs on the door, feeling the need to make sure everything is ok. Jericho lets him in, and all three discuss the issue of the throne. Ultimately the whole group assembles and debates the pros and cons of different rules for Amber. The verdict is in: they choose Eric.

First, Silas needs to walk the Pattern. To do so, he must request permission from the Major Domo. "Good luck," he says. In the Pattern Room, Benedict explains to Silas that the Pattern is closed while the Oberon copy is doing his trial. Fiona is doing some tricks to ensure that when he walks the Pattern, none of his powers can transfer to the other copies.

Oberon embarks on the perilous journey. About ten steps in he is engulfed in flame and Fiona's protective gear fell to the floor.

Isabelle and Lowen work their way back to Tom. She makes psychic contact with the sentient Sorcerer King database, obtaining a psychic impression of the Black Cauldron.

Jericho contacts Silas to ask a favor of the poor soul. They go to Erewhon so he can get better and then help Jericho.

Silas seeks out Rel'lyh in undershadow to make a deal to heal him. Rel'lyh's price is that Silas must help him seek out a crystal orb that was stolen from him. Silas does not agree. However, Jericho's interest is piqued. He made a deal instead, reaping the benefit (how to find the Black Cauldron and then murdering the creature with Lowen's help. Ick

Isabelle will be making a trump of the new ship Revenge and a secret trump artifact for Lowen to reach Tom more quickly.

I:R, minor consequence - dinner date with librarian
S:3, moderate consequence - pattern TIA

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