Bad Bad Leroy Brand

Bree is having trouble making trump contact with her backup copy. She's concerned it might be compromised and this is not making her feel any better. Together Bree and Isabelle see that the trump to the secret shadow might be pushed through but it could damage it. Bree decides to remake the trump to see if that would work.

Silas has found a new place in the Ascendancy that hopefully won't be compromised. He names it Sanctuary. He trumps Isabelle to ask if she'd make a trump of the new place.

Bree sees Isabelle get a trump call, answer, and disappear.

Isabelle finds herself in a tube in a cave with Brand. She feels a trump contact and reaches hard to answer. She connects with Silas long enough to should "GET ME OUT!" and then the contact is broken. Silas puts on his ring to reach her and he immolates! He collapses to the ground where he is found and taken to his place to mend.

Turns out Brand is a class A asshole now. Isabelle yells at him and he acts like he's not the bad guy. Whatever. She immolates and the tube just sucks it up. "Thank you!" he says. Now he's got the power of creation — CRAP!!! Someone who looks like Osric walks in and commends Brand for getting her to immolate.

Jericho is talking to the AI, who says it really built itself and has been improving ever since. They say they're no threat and they only kidnapped Silas because he was going after one of their agents. Jericho goes inside the "machine". It says it doesn't have much to do with Osric and it doesn't want to hurt anyone. It invites him to touch the screen. Jericho pauses to check with Isabelle. He trumps her and she yells, "BRAND HAS ME" and it disconnects. Jericho bids the AI adieu for now and rushes to Amber.

Brigid looks to Gerhardt for help to decide what to do. The little boy seems amused at this. Gerhardt advises her strongly to not pursue this. She and the boy disappear as he whispers to Gerhardt, "he's coming for you". With sword in hand, Gerhardt appears over the horizon heading towards… Gerhardt?

Bree goes to talk to Fiona about Isabelle's abduction. Fi is snotty about the whole thing but suggests that if Brand did it, he's probably made it very hard to find her. Fortunately Fi tagged Isabelle. Fi says she will need a copy of Isabelle to make this work. Bree senses her place is severely bugged, so they speak very carefully. Fi hands her a trump and says to meet her there. It looks like a place that was destroyed long ago.

Silas is mostly healed and tries to reach Gerhardt but can't. He gets a call from Amber Security who informs him of Isabelle's absence. He tries to reach Brigid and can't get her either. He then tries his icon of her, and she can sense it and answers, but the other thing is reaching for her and will get her. Silas reaches through and she struggles to decide, but finally she takes his hand. He pulls her through but immediately following her is a hand and then another. It stretches the icon open further. Silas shoots at the hands and they let go. As it recedes, Brigid hears a whisper, "Child?"

Silas tries to reach Dayle through icons and succeeds! She takes out a coin, flips it a few times, and hands it to him. "I owe you one," he says.

Silas uses the icon to get Gerhardt and and Natasha, too. The monster Gerhardt senses he's leaving and dashes forward. As they get through the contact they feel the wind of its blade slashing behind them.

Jericho fails to get Bleys but then gets Silas. Now everyone is on the same page. They try an icon to reach Isabelle, but she refuses to answer on the chance that it would trap the others. Brand laughs and he and Osric turned everything in the cave off. Isabelle sits in the tube in the cave in total darkness. She's totally freaking out.

Silas talks to Bree about how to handle this. Bree is going to keep pursuing her solution while the rest try other methods. Jericho goes to Amber and sees shadows creeping into the edges. Jericho orders a guard to go attack the shadow. As he attacks it, a black blade emerges and slices through the guard. The monster Gerhardt emerges and asks Jericho, "where. is. he." All the guards are dead and Jericho scrambles out of the way.

The two spar and Jericho gets in good shots, but then it gets a slash on Jericho's shoulder that burns him. They pause and size each other up. It has some fighting similarities with Gerhardt, but it is definitely not him. Jericho decides to run and see if it chases him. It's puzzled for a moment, then follows. It throws its sword at him, but Jericho skillfully dodges. The sword vanishes into a shadow and reappears in his cloak. It finally insults Jericho and that is just too much. Jericho uses the perfect weapon to impale it, which causes it to explode into a pile of goo.



  • Bree made a copy of Isabelle
  • Fi sacrificed the copy to get Isabelle back
  • Isabelle is back but has no psychic filter
  • Isabelle trumps Jericho to say she's fine
  • Gerhardt takes Isabelle to his secret shadow


Someone is warning Bree about the coming onslaught from Chaos. They warn her that she needs to be strong and stable. Apparently Dworkin raided someone's place and stole things. They need to steal it back.

Brigid searches to see if the sewn-up boy is nearby. Now he is. "Have you always been there?" she asks. "In a way." Frustrated, she asks question after question. "In a way," it repeats. Brigid goes to a safer place to talk to "the entity". darkness falls and pools in one place. Brigid prepares herself with a trump in one hand and sword in the other. A figure contorts out of the shadow. "Where is Gerhardt?" it demands. It continues towards her. She slams her tuning fork into the ground and it… doesn't do much. It raises its arms and slams its sword through the left side of her chest. Cold quickly spreads through her body. She feels like she's dying. The sewn-together boy is amused.

It raises its sword again and she uses the dark power of the song to peel his blade into pieces that slash across her throat in shallow cuts. She trumps to Castle Amber, appearing passed out with blackness spreading through her veins. Silas opens a portal and siphons it out of her and into the shadow. She's in bad shape so he takes her to Sanctuary.

Brigid gradually wakes up. Silas helps her remember what happened. "That thing Jericho fought? It's not dead," she moans.

Isabelle wants to burn everything that came from Bad Brand, but Bree talks her out of it.

Brigid is very fussy at Gerhardt because she nearly died for him and he's not giving her the answers she wants. Oh boy she's mad. Gerhardt was very calm through it all.

Bree talks to Fi?

Brigid talks to the stitched boy. Natasha is creeped out by him.

Gerhardt gets a trump call from Bree.

Jericho is waiting for Eric's weir pack to come back with Osric. This could take quite a while.

Silas goes alone to the stairs to talk to Shireen. She hasn't heard of "mother".

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