April 30

Long discussion with Anastasia on nature of reality and pattern and shadow.

Went to Nexus. There she altered things to remove the local Imperial Consulate's office. Thus resulted in the station being controlled by The Dark and a battle with a —Sith Dark Priest ensued which was abruptly ended mid-fight when Anastasia put the Consulate back.

Anastasia left, stealing a ship, The Freebooter from the Nexus docks, which belonged to the Ursamite Sar.

RX-1 found a job to deliver 55 crates of "Dolls" to someone on Tartarus 5. This the crew did, booking it to earn a 10% bonus.

Once there we saw the crates apparently held stasis pods with people in them. They were delivered to a man who owns a kind of illicit emporium of vices from drugs to gambling to prostitutes. Psyche followed the crates and saw they were being set up in rooms for apparently such services.

RX-1 noticed the Freebooter was docked in the Tartarus 5 star docks and investigated, finding no one apparently on board and that the docking fees had been paid for ten years. He contacted Sar and in exchange for a finder's fee told him where the ship was.

Everyone went to this Emporium to investigate further. RX-1 went undercover shapeshifted as someone else ("Krieger"). Deca was casing the place when he was questioned by plainclothes security. He eventually paid for a private room with a girl whom he interrogated and found evidence that despite claiming to be there willingly, was not at least on some level. RX-1 acquired a euphoric drug that can act as a truth serum while pretending to be affected by it. Psyche met a young man who danced with her and also showed some sign of not being a willing participant despite his claims.

Right at the end there was a scream from Psyche.

Thank be continued…

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