Von Dapper Dude

Silas asks if Caine has any information on the Lords and Ladies of Gossamer and Shadow. Caine’s top agent, Jack, has been looking into that. Silas receives a trump of Jack, although it doesn’t work. When he uses it, Jack will meet him at the dead drop.

Jericho fought in the field games and made some competitor friends, namely Braun. They went drinking together and had a particularly lovely brown frothy ale. Isabelle goes to study the root used to make it and learns from old Mrs. Hare. It requires a good ear for music and rhyme! Isabelle then made trumps of several of the locals and tourists.

And now…

Silas reaches out to Jack, and eventually they meet at the dead drop. Jack confirms there are at least 6 to 8 LGS. There are probably more, as all it takes to become one is to have a certain power (warden of the stairs, usually) and be considered as such by the others. [Something important about Sorcerer Kings?] Apparently an LGS can not take over a shadow, and neither can an Amberite become an LGS. Bastiano is of particular concern because he is trying to create an empire.

Lowen and Merlin meet in Lowen’s unnamed shadow and discuss the orb and the fact that it is almost identical to how the Logrus works. The orb seems to hold information as well.

QOTD: “Bastiano doesn’t know Jack.” -Silas

Von has a bingo sheet like Dale’s. He talks with Elodie.

Silas and Jericho go to the door to the stairs near the dark pattern. They are notified that a new person came from the stairs into this place. It was Von, looking for Finnegan. He headed towards the castle. Silas informed the staff to be cordial but wary of him. The duo headed back to the bazaar and sought out a tavern.

Androgynous messengers called “runners”.

Silas asks Elodie if she could put him in touch with someone called Drake. She hasn't met anyone by that name.

Isabelle works on the Ode to the Ale of Poetica Mundi.

Von was asked to visit Amber but told to conceal that fact. He conveys to Silas his sincere vow to prevent the Dwimmerlaik from entering their lands. He shares a description of his homeland, populated by hyenamercs. In fact… it seems he bears some of those qualities. His teeth are unusual, and he moves in an almost cat-like way.

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