April 26 2020

En route to Bakai-4, we get a distress call… after some debate, we decide to investigate. It is coming from a cargo freighter named the Filthy Pig.

Pirates are attacking and killing the crew of the large freighter (carries a couple hectares of cargo). Contacat is established with the captain who is killed almost immediately. We contact another one and have him hide until we can get there. Rex gets inside a missile to be shot to the freighter, while Anna will keep trump contact, so we can get him out hopefully.

Rex boards the ship, and finds one of the crew in engineering, rigging the ship to blow. He is unable to get him to trust him however, and continues to try and reach Oku, who we had spoken with..

Rex is able to reach Oku, who has a plan to open an airlock to get rid of some of the pirates. Rex gets to the mess hall and is able to ferry via trump the remaining 5 crew members, of which one is seriously injured. Oku's airlock plan gets some pirates. Rex trumps him back, then gets back to the engineer, who is is uncle, then trumps Oku back so he will trust him, and they both are sent back. Psyche comes over and rigs the ship to create a massive EMP pulse which hits the pirate's main ship as well.

We then get various fighters and Destiny to go after the pirate ship, which manages to partly get away. We are able to overtake it. Deca targets the drives…. but eventually we have to destroy the ship to prevent it from getting through a gate.

After returning to the local base, we note some oddities with the local imperial recruiting drive. Psyche does not leave the ship.

We return to the area the ship was killed to salvage what we can. We take Oku and his crewmates with us to help with the salvage, as they need capital.

While salvaging a signal contacts the Destiny. Deca answers, and it is an globular createure with a big eye which calls itself [[Charyx]]. It says it wants to convince us to not attack them. Is it with the pirates? Anna starts trumping people out from the salvage operation. Charyx says their major enterprise is (bunch of words that essentially mean piracy. It asks if we intend to continue opposing piracy. Deca says yes.

Back on Bakai 4, Rex finds a guy who knows a guy who may recruit for these Death Cult Pirates under Charyx.

n the Imperial Coretex we find that Charyx is a Caythian, that breathe sulfer gas. They are known to be highly psychic. Their native tongue sounds like bagpipes.

We return to Bakai 4 where Deca will apparently undergo some trials. Also a massive battle took place outside their temple. The rest visit the Mathematicians village, and one agrees to come with us named Wyren.

The Dark Drive apparently killed someone. We used a Mystic Knight ritual to observe what happened, it appeared to suck out his soul.

Needing cash, we take a job to ferry some dark contagion cleansing agent to an agricultural planet named Agrahub 3, plagued by a horrible blight. We pick up two sets of canisters, one black, one red. the job is to deploy them in pairs, send a signal to open the black canisters, let it do its thing, then send a signal to the red canisters which will then collect the cleansing agent, pick them up, and then we are supposed to drop the canisters into a sun. Easy peasy. Psyche wants to get some samples to analyze it however…. but the cannisters are sealed. She analyzes the blight, and sees that it is an engineered blight.

Everything goes off without a hitch. However analysis afterwards shows that the blight and the cure were made by the same company, BDT, aka Bio-Digital Technology.


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