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Lowen wants to pursue the power source project to perpetuate power outside the source. Jericho, Isabelle and Alice have been privy to this discussion.

Most of the group goes to Chaos. Jericho and Silas have some particular plan and Bree can help them get there. Isabelle heard she could use her hunting skills so she joined. They checked into the Embassy and then went directly to the Library of All Worlds, some hoping to encounter some foes in the most dangerous parts.

Trump stacks in the music hall. Isabelle trumps Brigid and invites her to check it out.

Jericho teaches Lowen how to think Alice's name, and then Lowen reaches out to her. She is so excited to have a new pupil! He says he's willing to make some sacrifices or endure suffering to ensure he can exist outside the connection to her brother. She suggests he could become an agent of chaos and destruction and retain his current powers and abilities.

Brigid and Isabelle —> Music Hall

Jericho, Silas, Lowen, Bree, Gerhardt —> Antiquities

Shadowlings abound in the Antiquities. He is actually getting his butt kicked by these invisible things. This is shocking! The rest of the group is in serious trouble… Fortunately Bree was far enough away to be out of danger. Jericho figures out what's in the poison and gives Silas the bad news that he's infected. Lowen seems more immune somehow.

Silas Trumps Bree and finds they are both now in an empty library.

Jericho gets a trump call from Silas and refuses to bring Silas through.

The music hall is the most incredible thing Isabelle and Brigid have seen in their entire lives. The nice librarians clearly don't want us going deeper in.

Lowen was right beside Jericho, tried to walk across his bridge, and reappeared by Jericho. Problem is, he's invisible to Jericho, who senses there's an invisible assassin coming up beside him.

Bree tries to contact Silas and pull him through the connection. It is very difficult, but she keeps trying. While she tries, Jericho sees them flickering in and out, hovering in the air, but he can't spare his attention from the nearby assassin that is moving nearby (to get his attention, unfortunately). Jericho strikes swiftly in the air and the severed head and body of Lowen appear and flop to the ground, bleeding ichor.

Bree and Silas appear next to the gruesome scene.

At the bottom of the stairs, they see a bunch of monofilament around the door. They appear to be a trap to slice through unsuspecting travelers running from the assassins.

Jericho > Isabelle: Here's Lowen's stuff. Oops I killed him. Isabelle is a bit shocked but takes the bad and puts it in her satchel. As she does so, she's in front of the Summer Queen, who asks where her hunter is. Isabelle explains and wants to help keep him out of trouble. They want Merlin to be brought to them for justice. The queen disappears and Isabelle puts away the bag.

Silas notices that his core temperature has increased a degree or two. Silas shakes hand with someone and they say, "You're infected!"

Lowen wakes up in an incubation chamber. After putting on a robe and sloughing off some of the goop, he trumps Isabelle. She explains that the Summer Queen is looking for him and Merlin and hands him his bag of stuff.

A ripple reaches out to Jericho. Something tells him there's something dangerous about it. He does not want it to touch him.

Bree gives Silas the ability to understand the texts in the library.

Young boy strapped to a rock. One person has a knife in a group of 7. The group is chanting around the boy. He calls out to Jericho for help. Something dark is going through him. Jericho… he freaking stabs the kid!

Brigid plays her beloved sousaphone. There are several floating spheres that come around her. They change light in time with her music and seem to be enjoying it. It's a Bardic Rave!

The main group gets a good deal of information including names of people they can reach out to. Silas trumps back to the medical shadow where they quarantine him. They conclude that they cannot cure him. His temperature continues to increase and he's now delusional. They put him in a cryochamber.

Jericho is infected as well, but he is tolerating it better.

Fate Points: S-6, I-6, J-5, B-6

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