April 15 2017

Natasha, Elodie, Gerhardt and Aria are in the Dreamlands following the dog-like guide Kava as they pursue Cassandra.

Lady Cecilia is doing some magic that is making light come from a scrying pool. Walking up and greeting Queen Aurora and King Oberon allows a view of the pool. Darkness crumbles behind Gerhardt, it’s approaching him as he runs away from it! Aria and Natasha are following the giant puppy. Elodie is flying above but suddenly she has a look of horror as her wings disappear.

Silas, Lowen and Merlin work on deciphering signals using his computers. It seems someone is transmitting video and audio and something… sentient(?) that is relaying everything that is happening where it is. Lowen removes the spirit and put it in a jar, which Silas then takes into Undershadow.

Natasha rushes to catch Elodie as she plummets from the sky. As she does so, both of them start falling!? Natasha tries to let Elodie go, but can’t seem to do it. She closes her eyes and meditates on the effort. Mist begins to surround them. Aria sees this unfolding. The puppy bounds up on Natasha and gives her a big sloppy kiss. She wakes up, no longer falling. Kava says that Elodie is still falling and they must save her!


The ground quickly approaches, covered in spikes and jagged edges. Elodie forces her mind to behave more rationally, putting the dread aside to control the dream. She gains some control and slows her fall, but only 5 seconds remain before her terrible fate arrives. She can’t help but reach for her father in this desperate time. Suddenly everything goes black. “I’m dead,” she thinks. Then she has a weird sensation of something wet slapping her in the face over and over. “Hey, are you alright?” asks Kava. “Come on! I found her!”

Isabelle and Jericho decide to play the role of the heroes. She imbues the pool with the power of Trump and then they dive in as the crowd cheers them on. As then pass through, they fall and faceplant on the other side. The Dream Lands crew of Natasha, Elodie, Aria and Gerhardt is nearby. Isabelle tries to figure out which way Cassandra should be, gesturing this way and that. As she does, she catches a glimpse of a hairy hand in front of her. It is hers… She looks at Jericho. He looks just like her! They have switched bodies! It turns out they have shared abilities as well.

Merlin helps Lowen and Silas figure out stuff about the orb stolen from the sorcerer kinks. They determine a spirit exists inside it. Silas decides to try to talk to it. He trumps with Lowen to Serpent Isle, now completely overrun with plants. Silas looks for a clearing in the Undershadow. He goes to the top of the tower and asks the plants to move back so they don’t get hurt in this experiment. They see that as a reasonable request and do so.

Silas contacts the jarred entity, which responds that Silas is a class 2 threat and should report himself to the closes authorities. Lowen makes a direct psychic link with it to gain control of it, but that could cause it to lose its memory, which is the whole goal. What to do?


Jericho and Isabelle brush themselves off and charge into the lightning storm towards Cassandra. About 20 monsters begin crashing down towards the duo. Jericho (as Isabelle) grabs one of them and makes psychic contact. It is a vile and hateful creature.

Silas tries to trump Jericho and gets… Jeribelle? Jericho asks him to come through, and he allows it. Silas is equally disturbed by where he is as who he is with. He pulls out an uzi and sees if it works. Indeed it does! The creatures fall apart and reach towards him as they become smaller and smaller vermin, including a "ratipede".

Gerhardt and Elodie push harder in the trump contact and finally reach Cassandra. They talk about the Pattern and how/why it is using her. It is supposedly trying to shore up shadows that were eroding and allowing things to get through. According to her, Random doesn't think that kind of thing is his business, so she was the only one it could use to do it.

Lowen engages the monsters.

Natasha swings her sword in a grand gesture, parting the sea of monsters and creating a momentary path directly to Cassandra. Silas gives a tranq dart gun to Jericho who makes a skilled shot and hits her in the chest. Her scornful gaze softens, hardens, and softens again. She drops to her knees.

Gerhardt, still in psychic contact, witnesses Cassandra's confusion at the fight for control over her body and mind. As the psychic anchor, Elodie helps Gerhardt free her from it.

Silas rushes towards her, but as he does, a Titan crashes his enormous foot down and solidly flattens Silas, who then sticks to the bottom of its foot. After another painful squishing step, Silas peels himself off and flops to the ground.

At the edge of the beach, Cassandra starts crying. As she walked towards it, she never got closer and instead just expanded the Dream Lands. Elodie and Gerhardt come through the trump contact. Elodie offers her a hug and says she can go home now. Cassandra addresses the party, apologizing for dragging everyone into this.

Cassandra is concerned that the Pattern didn't finish what it was doing. Was that bad? Was it good? Gerhardt suggests that maybe it would be better to take her to a neutral place for now. He receives a trump call from Finnegan, who is going to escort Cassandra to a safe place.

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