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Silas trumps to his room in Castle Amber.

Gerhardt investigates . People in the hunting party were just locals except for Random. Julian helped assemble the party and was with others at the time of the shooting. Julian is with his rangers studying the spot from which the shot was fired.]

Isabelle and Jericho find that their favorite meals from the /dream/ are now in the …real… Castle Amber, in Isabelle's suite. Jericho - servant - food… Isabelle gets a call from Daddy dearest. He asks if she would like an out. She is puzzled, but decides an adventure is in order. Isabelle follows Bleys on a trip to [[Rainbow Falls]] to play with the unicorns and brings along Jericho, who drags the servant along, too.

They head into a place that looks a lot like the scene from Legend. They are obviously close to Faery, based on the looks of the place. Bleys asks Isabelle if it's true that she had something to do with Random's shooting. She is shocked and appalled at the accusation, and Jericho adds insult to injury by thinking she could have done it.

The two debate the possibility of this being a dream issue or a clone issue. They hatch a plan to psychically listen as they trump each other, waiting to see if the calls are rerouted.

Silas and Gerhardt discuss the clone detector. It appears that the tool won't work without the database. Uncle (Oscar) Cirso probably has equipment that could recover it. Gerhardt will try to get in touch him. While they agree that Fendoworld is worth further investigation, they are probably not behind the assassination.

Jericho goes back to Isabelle's suite in Castle Amber and searches for forensic evidence of their clones. He doesn't find anything except hair on the pillows, which could have been from this morning. Jericho decides to go to sleep to see what happens, but as he drifts off he gets a trump call.

It's Silas. He asks if Jericho would go with them to find Uncle Cirso. They agree to go in a few hours after things calm down. Jericho drifts off to sleep, and just before his eyes close, Isabelle sees something dart by in his peripheral vision. She rouses him back awake and warns him.

Gerhardt talks to Reyland, one of Julian's head commanders. The two discuss the crime scene, noting that the casing was cleaned up after the shot was fired. There is very little evidence of anything, even approaching of leaving the site. There's not even residual evidence of pattern use.

In Erewhon, Isabelle relaxes in her room, reading a note left from her mom. It includes some pleasantries and then notes that they need to talk. She gets a trump call from Silas, who mentions in passing that Caine is looking for her. "So I've heard," she sighs.

Silas asks if she can do a sketch from his description. She agrees and begins yet another masterpiece on his behalf. Once it is complete, the scene of the shooting shows Caine, but different. "Clearly there is a right-handed Caine assassin!" says Silas. He trumps away to share the good news.

Caine and Silas review the situation in light of the new evidence. It's still all circumstantial, but they're still working on it. One strange thing is that bullet fragments are missing. Someone comes in to report that none of the guns are missing from their inventory.

Fiona was asked to help Gerhardt with his pattern lens investigation. As he drops a pattern flare(?), she freezes time to allow him to do the investigation while the effect is still strong. As she does this, Gerhardt notices in the corner of her eye that she is wearing the Jewel of Judgment. Looking at the area, the evidence suggests that the gun used will look like one of their guns, but it is constructed differently. Also, the colors of the shooter seem to be inverted. Gerhardt discloses all the new information to Benedict, which seems to irk Fiona.

Natasha, hearing that Isabelle is suspected of being involved in Random's murder, decides to…

Jericho falls asleep and wakes up later, feeling refreshed. He feels that the presence in the room was at the mirror, but it is gone now. Jericho experiments with Logrus on the mirror without much luck. He decides to take the mirror to Erewhon so he can manipulate it more easily. There he is able to travel into the mirror.

A hedgerow labyrinth lies ahead. Rather than solve the maze, Jericho grows rings and flies up and up… and up… and then he realizes the top is getting further away. He lands, only to find that he has shrunk considerably! At least he is small enough to get under the hedges now.

On the inside Jericho finds a gigantic hedgehog — at least, relatively speaking. He tries to speak to the creature, and it seems to understand, although it can't talk back. Two giants come bumbling by, one wearing a pale silver livery, and the other in a red lined livery with a stylized heart on it. It appears they are looking for the hedgehog — their game ball!

The poor creature tries to escape the "playing field", but Jericho intercedes to lure the giants back. He is going to wage war on them. (He does, he kills one… trumps away with the hedgehog to Isabelle's room in Erewhon. Sees Heart Queen, Heart King, Pale King.)

Silas plans to go to sleep, setting up surveillance and an alarm for the morning. Waking up, he finds nothing suspect on the recordings. He invites everyone to lunch aboard the Envoy to discuss what they've found. They meet and decide to sneak to the Primal Pattern to remove any dreamlike effects.

Gerhardt walks it and asks to go to the center of the Primal Pattern of Amber. He shifts a few inches to the left. Jericho finishes the Pattern and asks to go to the Jewel of Judgment. In a flash he sees Fiona, wearing the jewel, soaked in blood and intimately involved with a strange man in the middle of a summoning circle. He sees red and then total darkness.

Isabelle shrieks in shock and pain. After witnessing the scene, her psychic contact with Jericho is broken. Gerhardt and Silas both come to her side, and she explains her "vision". Her Grandmother Clarissa is spotted in the woods and makes eye contact with Silas. She asks him to tell her grandchildren that if they try to reach her, they will probably find her, and she will owe him.

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