Apr 27 2024

Pay no attention to the hag behind the curtain

Food and clothing and other things are showing up magically amidst people coming and going. Lowen puts everyone under his protection to ensure it's safe to use the mysterious goods. A butterfly guides the group to a certain door that slowly swings open. In the next room, a large man — the High Prince — welcomes them to his home. Isabelle notices a psychic emanation to his hand gestures — it is casual and heavy.

Silas warns the man about the Dwimmerlaik and that some may have escaped into his district. Gerhardt spots connections running off into the distance and realizes this is a construct. Jericho came to the same conclusion by looking through an Umbra lens. The High Prince says the Dwimmerlaik he encountered was very polite. It said it was an ambassador of a nation that wanted to discuss connections between them.

Jason asks for clarification about that relationship and learns of the twisted story the Dwimmerlaik ambassador told. It also comes out that the High Prince has an enemy and they offered to help with the problem. Who is the problem? The Fey. Summer or Winter? Yep. Both.

The High Prince recounts the origin story of the Fey. They had several clans, but two became preeminent and known as the Courts of Faerie. That only represented half of the people who were Fey, though. Many from the excluded group ended up settling in Chaos and intermingled with the demons (or Chaosians).

Silas offers a trump to the High Prince to give to the Dwimmerlaik ambassador should they meet again. Jericho tells him to pass along that he will personally eviscerate any Dwimmerlaik that come to Amber.

5912d8d5d312d40d6eaf08eaf0060fdb.jpg As they depart, Jericho pricks his finger and shapeshifts the drop of blood into a "flea of his desire" to track down the source of the construct. The High Prince offers Silas a butterfly if he needs to make contact again. Isabelle blurts out that she wants it and Silas agrees she can have it. The butterfly flits over to her and lands on her arm, slowly settling its wings and then merges into her skin as a tattoo.

Jericho's flea catches up and shares that the wire went to a mirror and in front of the mirror was and old hag with iron teeth drinking and controlling what was going on. It seemed like the woman noticed the flea but didn't care. The description of the old hag sounded familiar to Lowen, but he can't remember… Ah, yes — Baba Yaga!

Nellie catches up with Jericho to give a gift from the High Prince. It seems that consuming this scroll will 1) allow Jericho to know someone's location at all times, 2) tell that person where Jericho is at all times, and 3) make him a Prince of Malign. He chomps it down and tests the tagging, learning it can only be done on one person at a time by touch.

There's a tower like Strumvalle's here.

Eric's party is still coming up.

Silas and Isabelle trump back to the main courtyard at Castle Amber. Jericho gets Lowen back in the building and puts the tag on him. Lowen sticks around in Malign and Jericho heads back to Castle Amber as well.

Gerhardt continues to work on the railway to the Courts of Chaos. It seems that taking the project in smaller milestones will make it more feasible.

Announcement from the King: There is a structure in Jericho's lands. Go see if it might be useful.

Lowen meets with Baba Yaga, who explains that someone from another clan could Patron him and free him from the obligations of the Horn. She suggests that if something happened to Amber, he wouldn't have to worry about anything. He considers the offer, then counters with a question about his Ravenbrand sword. She offers to show how he can break his ties to the Fey, but he declines that as well.

A Dwimmerlaik enters. Jericho cuts him on the hand. Baba Yaga is amused. He's spilled blood in her house and there must be restitution. She asks the Dwimmerlaik what he thinks would be appropriate. An apology is given and accepted, but future infractions of peace in her home will cause her to intervene.

Lowen agrees to be Baba Yaga's Huntsman to learn full use of the horn. This does not affect his current arrangements with the Horn.

Jericho trumps to Chaos and helps Eric with the party preparation. Eric's got a good amount of support behind him. Jericho is surprised by getting a new stepmom and goes to his room for a snack and privacy to process the news.

Silas runs the idea of a peace summit by Caine. He says it's not a bad idea, but security is the most important. Where? When? Be very careful. She thrives on chaos and destruction. She's not an ancient, but she's pretty much equivalent.


  • Silas invites Dale to the event and she says she'll make it if she can.
  • Isabelle sets up in a corner to not be seen or bothered while doing her artwork to commemorate the occasion.
  • Dierdre has RSVPed even though she HATES Chaos. Gotta keep an eye on her. Aubrey is attending with her.
  • Corwin is missing and people are expressing concern, but not too much.
  • Merlin is expected but not confirmed.
  • Phil the copycat prince is coming as a representative from Malign.
  • Gerhardt brings Selene.
  • Jason's dad, Bastiano.

Jericho trumps Jason to discuss the potential impacts of Malign joining Chaos and if that would create a vulnerability for Amber.

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