Amber government



Amber cohorts
Army. Navy. Expeditionary. Command.

Amber administration
Stewards. Constables. Ambassadors. Architects.

Clandestine service
Always attached to another division (no official acknowledgment)

Active members of the Court
King Oberon
Prince Random and Lady Vialle
Prince Gerard - Admiral of Amber Royal Navy
Prince Julian - General of Amber Royal Army
Princess Fiona - Advisor
Princess Florimel, Advisor
Prince Caine - Advisor

Inactive members of the Court
Prince Benedict, Lord Protector of Avalon (no official role in the Court)
Prince Corwin, Advisor (missing)
Prince Bleys, Advisor
Princess Llewella, Royal Envoy to Rebma
Dworkin, Last seen at the funeral of Oberon (no official role in the Court)

Lords and Ladies of the Court
Lord Martin
Lord Merlin
The PCs

Golden Circle Treaty Nations

Alarium: Small Kingdom, first shadow over from Arden, King Harleson and Queen Dorea
Begma: Exotic goods, Close ties with Random, Queen Coral
Buzan: Very religious, internal disputes, Lord Tyr
Byzantium: Oldest Circle member, Emir Toleron and Consort
Cabra: Cross between Venice and Austria, Lord Mayor Jorrem
Medina: Lots of open land, forests, cliffs, beaches, tourist visit often, Queen Stephanie
Teleroth: Used to be Corsairs, Served during Patternfall, Probationary membership, Lord Jihar

Political Rulers: King Harleson (son of Duke Fendir, accepted Regency when King did not return from Patternfall.), Queen Dorea (daughter of King David; dead)
Symbol: Twelve Lances over a castle
Colors: Gray, Brown, and Black
Other Rulers of Note:Counsel of Great Knights (Army, Navy, Commerce, Forest Guard, People, Church etc.)
Countryside: Small Kingdom, Lots of Forest much of this unexplored. Single Mesa to the far south a religious pilgrimage site (Fountain of Teleran-Healing powers renouned among peasents)
Geography: First shadow over from Arden
People: Seem uncertain about the new monarrchy. Not very talkative.
Main Exports: Woodcrafts, Furniture, Oil (Hand Pumped out of Ground), Furs, Horses
Main Imports: Dried Fruits,(Baskets, small statues, woven rugs etc.)
Religion: Church of the Unicorn given nominal service. People superstitious, homage given to Bright Ones or the Forest Folk (ie Fairie-Like Creatures)
Organizations of Note: The Kings Companions, The 12 Great Knights
Relationships to other Circle Nations: Good, have been in Circle a long time. Not much to offer others for tight connections.
Relationship to Amber: Well liked, Julian has close connections with them over the Protection of the Forest Arden.

Political Rulers: Queen Coral, Child of the Gods, High Priestess of the Eternal Unicorn
Symbol: Unicorn sitting in front of the World Tree, two golden apples in the branches.
Colors: Gold and White
Others of Note:
General Karm (suitor)
Lord Charis (suitor)
Countryside: Mountains with lush pocket vales, many unexplored
Geography: North of Kashfa across Cabra Sea
People: Religious and hard working
Main Exports: Exotic Goods; Coffee, gems, spices (best place to grow unusual foods near Amber. Currently holds Eregnor which has good seaport and limited fields for usual food stuffs, Clothes (Silks)
Main Imports: Foodstuffs, Cotton cloth, wine
Religion: Celtic/seasonal worship, most turnings of the seasonal clock are observed, Unicorn is the Total Embodiment of Nature, The Night of Turning is a fertility festival in early spring commemorating a sighting of the Unicorn (Most Amberites do not believe this)
Organizations of Note: Church, Underground Relligion of blood rites?
Relationships to other Circle Nations: Fair except with Kashfa, CoralÕs policies have been seen as heavy handed.
Relationship to Amber: Very supportive especially of Random and Vialle

Rulers: Lord Tyr, Defender of the Faith (Defender of the Faith is a Title given to the head of the public administration)
Symbol: Unicorn standing on a globe
Colors: Green and Red
Other Rulers of Note: Church Hierarchy (Bishop, Canticle, Lord Brother etc.)
Countryside: Rolling hills with lots of water in lakes and Rivers.
Geography: Hilly country just north of the Vale of Garnath
People: Seem to be honest, hard working folk. Not very interested in life outside of Buzan or visitors for that matter.
Main Exports: Rice, Distilled Alcohols (Religious Prohibition against drinking this, but does not seem to bother them to sell it), Small Water Craft, Religious Icons (Stone, Wood, Glass)
Main Imports: Spices, Cloth, Honey/Sugar
Religion: Highly hierarchal version of the Church of the Unicorn the Church controls most every aspect of the local Buzan citizens life. From Delivery to Death so to speak. The populous is very religious and considers most other outsiders as heathens. The Royal Family of Amber is a source of religious contention at the moment with the established religion very supportive and a fringe element denouncing them.
Organizations of Note:
The Brotherhood of Freedom-Heretical fringe group mentioned above.
The Regeneration- Heretical Tree/Nature worship cult

Relationships to other Circle Nations: Smallest Circle member, not well respected. Country very loyal to Amber. Government/Religion could be organized into a very effective force. Moderately wealthy due to diamond mines.
Relationship to Amber: Were well liked by Oberon for unknown reasons. Very supportive of their treaties. Random does not seen to care for them as much also for unknown reasons.
Notes: Currently outwardly stable with various internal groups vying for public sentiment.

Political Rulers: Emir Toeleron (Son of Emir Zanitox House Kant)
Consort Tirela (Daughter of Lord Harn House Darby)
Symbol: The Falcon (symbol of Noble House Kant in ascendency)
Colors: Black and Violet (color of the Noble House Kant in ascendency)
Other Rulers of Note: Seven Noble Houses (Darby, Kant, Jurd, Helgrin, Orion, Gamblin, Thorn) Each Lord sits on the Council of Nobles
Countryside: Wide open plains with sparse areas with trees giving over to prairie/desert.
Geography: South of Amber
People: Very reserved almost secretive.
Main Exports: Wine, Wool, Grains, Plated Glass, Engineering, Math, Dried Fruits, Finished Textiles, Rugs.
Main Imports: Fruits, Meat, Heavy Foodstuff, Rough Material for Textiles
Religion: Ancestor Worship with the Line of Emirs as Gods.
Organizations of Note: The Hasshin (Assassins) no confirmed reports but believed to exist.
Relationships to other Circle Nations: Oldest nation in the circle. Very politically correct. Has at times controlled other Circle Nations with political, economic, or other mean. Very well off country. Golden Circle Nation with as much political infighting as Amber.
Relationship to Amber: Supportive. Was not involved directly with PatternFall. Mostly sent Money.

Political Rulers: Lord Mayor (elected for life) Jorrem
Symbol: Three White Ships
Colors: Orange and, Brick Red
Other Rulers of Note: Guilds are organized along various lines each has a representative at the High Council
Countryside: Cross between Venice and Austria, Lots of old mountains with castles everywhere, The largest city, Arrien, is set at the bottom of a large valley. Behind the city is a 350 ft waterfall that forms the basis for the set of canals used to move about the city.
Geography: Mountains West of Amber
People: Artistic, generally friendly (a little absorbed with their own culture and arts.)
Main Exports: Theater/opera/ballet companies, Hardwoods, Dyes, Rough Stone for building.
Main Imports: Foodstuff of all kinds, Few spices are imported, the local food is bland to most tastes .
People: Extroverted and helpful, services here caty for support. The High Guilds of each craft have the support of the government and control the general trends of art.
Relnships to other Circle Nations: Well respected for the culture exports. Mostly in debt since Patternfall because it dem that), Cloth, Finished Goods of all kinds.
Religion: Secular Activities, No organized religion, Atheism prized as the next step in thought.
Organizations of Note: Guilds for art of all kind you can imagine, each guild dependent upon the Nobility
Relationships to other Circle Nations: Well respected for the culture exports. Mostly in debt since Patternfall because it did not have a Army to use and could not afford to pay for its contractual responsibilities.
Relationship to Amber: Currently in dispute over payments of loans and trying to renegotiate Treaty Contracts.

Political Rulers: Queen Stephanie (Daughter of King Roland)
Symbol: Swan rampant
Colors: Purple, Gold, Silver
Other Rulers of Note: None (Has accepted NO suitors)
Countrryside: Lots of open land, forests, cliffs, beaches, tourist visit often. Seriously fun place to go lots of entertainment, activities here. The only decent diving spot near Amber.There are lots of entertainment, activities here but this tends to be a bit pricey (This place is Not for the light of pocketbook)
Geography: Small chain of islands South/South East of Amber
Main Exports: Tourism, Craft Items (Baskets, small statues, woven rugs etc.)Game Hunting and Fishing big here even offshore deep seafishing. Hiking and climbing/gliding are also available.
Main Imports: Pretty self sufficient, Spices and rough goods to finish up to supply to tourists.
Religion: State Unicorn Religion, not well attended except at High Ceremonies like Weddings or Coronations.
Organizations of Note: None.
Relationships to other Circle Nations: Well treated due to most wanting to have access to the place.
Relationship to Amber: Cruising along all right, Queen has yet to send tribute to Random.

Political Rulers: Lord Jihar (parentage UNK)
Symbol: Mailed Glove Aflame
Colors: Red, Gold and Orange
Other Rulers of Note: Jihar's sons
Eldrynn (Oldest; Sorcerer, Strongest Support)
Releg (Twin; Strong, Tough, Currently Away from Home, Pirating?)
Tewelen (Twin; Tactician, Currently Boarded in Amber)

Countryside: Teleroth is a large collection of Island in Caine's waters. Most are tropical to subtropical. Main city Burmola just now getting a police force and other more civilized government offices.
People: Used to be Corsairs, Most of the people are tough and knowledgeable about ships and the sea.
Main Exports: Fish, Fruit, Sugar, Honey, Brandy (Many are now traders.)
Maa Foodstuff, Clin Imports: Foodstuff, Cloth, attempting to improve fleet.
Religion: None.
Organizations of Note: Each ship is technically its own clan with a Captain heading it.
Relationships to other Circle Nations: Most of the others are wary new addition and have trouble seeing past their pirate past. The new source of commerce has been valuable though.
Relationship to Amber: Served during Patternfall, gave up pirating under Eric to serve in the Defense of Amber. Trial Period almost over and they will become full Members.
Notes: Lord Jihar getting old, Three sons all with backing of one faction or another are vying for the rulership.

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